The Jörmungandr

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 55 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: Sam_Haul


**Track is now retired**

Like many here, at some point during COVID the YouTube algorithm decided to auto play a 3DBotmaker video my way, and here we find ourselves.  This is The Jörmungandr, inspired by the YouTube greats, and named after the World Serpent of Norse mythology, its lower coils entertwine as the contestants race to the finish (possibly one day wrapping around a mock Yggdrasil tree?  That's the plan, at least, but I'll need to develope all those skills from scratch).  Currently the three main open track turns are to be named after the three main Norns (sort of like the Fates from Greek mythology... sort of), Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, though some other ideas are now in the mix as well, including some version of the Bifröst, as my wife has started getting curious now that detail decorating is involved.  So it has a good chance of actually ending up looking really nice, as opposed to the baby's-first-ashtray version I would likely produce.

Track is a mix of primarily Crash and Max Traxxx, with a little bit of HW orange as needed.  Also used 1"by4"s for support for three main straightaways, 1" styrofoam insulation panels at top and bottom (which is great, really light, easy to cut/break into desired pieces, and it's plastic "skin" loves tape.  Which means you can tape it level with a surface, and it will stay very reliably).  Also used the 1" washer glued to a nickel system to keep the first two-lane straightaway aligned with its board.  Starting gate, two-to-one lane adapter, and most connectors by Slanman Customs, look for him on FB.  

Track does KotM two car races beautifully, and even does 4 cars well, too, as the length provides plenty of passing opportunities.  "Lap" style races, where winner is whomever is first on last "lap", do tend to produce runaways once the fastest car gets pole position (but that's racing, right?), though if cars are evenly matched, it can be anyone's guess.  Rotating pole positions works really well.  Haven't tried 6 cars yet, but I'm fairly certain it will work.

Anyway, that's it for now.  Already eyeing an even more ambitious project, which may or may not involve part of an open air barn.  Good thing I'm sticking to my plan of easing into this.  Happy racing!