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Build journal: 1st time drag strip track build

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Whomp fixed

  • That works. Just playing devils advocate here....not picking on your track but....a heavier car will cause sag in the track and that will affect the performance. Positively or negatively....but it will affect it. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing

  • Very true. If you ever run heavyweight or super heavies, they'll make the track flex where it is not supported well. — redlinederby
  • looks like your bench is not happy with that setup! lol — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Lol! Those screw holes do look like a face. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
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redlinederby 3/11/24
Site manager

It's maybe a little hard to see in the photo but I used a some flexible panel board to give support at the transistion. There are 2 small screws you can't see off to the left where that panel board is attached to the shelf board. The 2 long screws you can see in the pic have a spring between the panel and base board that gave it some strength. It also let me adjust the levelness of the curve by loosening/tightening the screws. Probably over-engineered it a bit but it worked pretty well overall. 

Found this thread from when I was building the track. It has some more in-progress photos.

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redlinederby 3/11/24
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Aha...through that other thread found another thread showing a point in my tracks life where it had a welded steel transition support that member put together for me. Smitty was a fabricator and probably made it with his eyes shut. He sent it to me flat so I could bend it to my needs. I'm not sure my bend was even but damn did that thing hold the track solid. Wasn't no car gonna make it budge.

  • 3D printing is a good option too, if you have access to one...or I bet one of the many printers that caters to the racing scene could put one together if you have dimensions — redlinederby
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redlinederby 3/11/24
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And yet another whump solution...Lego! Similar to the steel thing above but much easier to create.

No whomp or sag with this. 

  • Ha, damn good idea. And Bullwinkle approves. — redlinederby
  • That's awesome! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Nice work! I'm enjoying following your build. — Zamak_Speed_Shop
  • I ran a car down each lane. 1st lane it hit the tunnel. I adjusted it. Ran it down the outside lane and it hit the tunnel again. I will probably just make it a bridge. I did like the tunnel though. — SteelCityMafia895
  • You'll get it figured out. We already know you're creative! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Looking good my dude! — JBlotner42
  • I was going to make this into a covered bridge, but when I tried testing out the roof it kept tipping over. So, it's just gonna be a regular bridge now. — SteelCityMafia895

I'm thinking about adding something that I haven't seen on a drag track before. Either a crossover or a jump. Thoughts?

  • This is my personal opinion - not on a drag strip. Drag strips are pure & simple. 2 cars...a start line...a finish line. I am old school though. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I get that. Just thinking about doing something that hasn't been done yet. — SteelCityMafia895

So I was thinking when I build my track to use spray foam to fill in the Whomp area? I use Locktight brand for halloween props and it creates a skin after a minute or so.. I can then lay plastic wrap track pieces on top of it to shape  it and give support which I would hope eny weight of car could roll over with no issues... 

Anyone else tried this or thought if it would work out.??? 

  • Can you control it from over expanding? The window and door expansion foam maybe has less force? Foam would be cool as you could shape it and paint after it is set up. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • The answer to that question is yes you can use spray foam and it is actually quite easy to shape especially if you make yourself a hot wire cutter — JBlotner42
  • cut pink foam would be way easier. — dr_dodge
  • I destroyed a slot car track diorama with great stuff. You can't control it's expanding. (BTW my home is styrofoam and have used cases of it to build and mod the house. Not very easy, lots of chop it back out and try again — dr_dodge

Got my start gate/finish line ordered today from I'm excited for it to get here. 

  • Excellent! My 2 lane drag timer just arrived from Slanman today. Can't wait to set it up tonight! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I've been sending cars down my lanes just trying them out but I'm ready for my timer to get here. Are you doing a YouTube channel Dutch? If so I will give you a follow. — SteelCityMafia895
  • Thanks man....but I have no experience with filming & editing. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Got an email from Slanman today. The timer I ordered has been shipped today. Getting closer! — SteelCityMafia895
  • Ohhhh that's good news. Exciting! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing

Question for any track race host. How long did you wait after finishing your track did you wait before filming and posting videos? 

  • I post while I build. — JBlotner42
  • Once you're happy that the track can perform and show well, go for it. Filming and editing will be your time suck anyway — redlinederby
  • Anything I post right now is build related. Just testing things out. I've got something in mind once the timer and start gate are here and working. Once that happens vids will happen with me just testing cars to make sure times are consistent. After that, it may be bi-weekly or monthly tournaments. Maybe 8 or 16 cars to start. I work every other Saturday so that would be a good day for me to do it. Except for when I'm on vacation. What do you all think about a smaller tournament every month where the champ of the 1st tourney and has to be beaten? King of the Hill style? If your car wins, it stays here until it dosen't win. Any cars sent in wouldn't be raced for fun unless permission is given to test or for a couple warm up laps on race day. — SteelCityMafia895

So, I  think I'm ready to race. Used yard sticks to keep the track from moving side to side. And 1/4" round dowel rods between the lanes to keep them separated. I feel like this track should be sponsored be Menards though. 

  • Looking good man! — JBlotner42
  • I like the yardsticks — dr_dodge
  • My "unscientific" experience when weighing cars has me concluding that the packaging is 12 grams. Anyone agree? — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Track is looking good! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • 10 or 12 grams for the blister Dutch. Anything I have weighed before opening is usually about 10g less after opening. — SteelCityMafia895
  • take a opened package of the same size, place on scale, press zero, and weigh the unopened. This tares (removes) the package weight — dr_dodge

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