Toy cars. Real racing.

Toy cars. Real racing.

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Toy cars. Real racing.

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What is diecast racing?

Do you remember the Pinewood Derby? It's like that but with Hot Wheels, Matchbox and other diecast toy cars. Find a car you think is fast and make it faster. Then mail in your cars and race against people in tournaments happening all across the country.

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Making fast cars faster

We take the fun of the Pinewood Derby and shrink it down to Hot Wheels size. You might get lucky and find a fast car at the store, or you can create your own speed. We'll help you learn how to modify, build, and customize your cars for the track.

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Photo gallery

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Build and inspire

Race Track Directory

Our track directory is a database of race tracks all across the country. Get inspired to build your own track and start racing. The story of your track is one worth telling. Be proud and share your fun.

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Track spotlight

Spore Valley Interdimensional Raceway

Road course track that is 71 feet long and built by Pottybig . View profile for more photos and specs.

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It's all downhill from here

Building and sharing your race track

From 2 lanes to 8 lanes and beyond, making your own race track is a fun project for any skill level. All you need is some basic tools and a few accessories. It's easy, affordable fun.

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