Wanted! Your Logo at My Track.

Freedom_DieCast_DragRacing Friday, 5/31/2024

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I see tracks with logos of other diecast hobbiest and I think that is a cool idea. I want to do the same on my dragstrip. If you are okay with me printing your logo and displaying it, please add your logo image to this topic and I will proudly display it. Thank you for sharing in the hobby.



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AbbyNormal 5/31/24

I've been mainly focused on building road racing cars since getting into this a month or more back. I defnetly plan to build some drag racers.


Im still building my drag strip lots of things going on at one time.. lol 

I'll still send you the stickers once they are done printing my friend 

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Willie_G1 6/1/24

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41-14 6/1/24

If you give me your address I'll send you a couple of stickers for your track. 

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