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RobertBcfc Sunday, 11/24/2019

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I've posted lots of threads around which particular version of a casting is the fastest, or faster than the average car.  There are then of course, some cars that fit into the category of shooting fish in a barrel - just buy any of them and you know you'll hit on a winner (or at very least something that's faster than average).  

I'm going to start a list with some pretty obvious candidates who, unless you pull a dud from the blister, you're really on to a safe bet with - if you like the idea please add more as we go:

Ferrari F40

Ferrari Testarossa

Ford F-150

Speed Bump




Shadow Jet

Cadillac V-16

Country Club Muscle

Above is a starter for ten - if you disagree with any please share your rationale, it's meant as a topic for debate.  Let's see how many sure fire quicksters there really are.....


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WorpeX 11/24/19

aw man, i've been wanting to start a "Hall Of Fame" thread for diecast cars for awhile. This is great! Agree with all of them, but i've never heard of the last one before, I need to find one of those!

Couple more i'd add to this:

GT Racer



HW50 Concept

Super Comp Dragster

Lumina Stocker

Jaguar XJ220 (not so sure on this, i've always had good luck with the casting (have 5!) but its been in production for an eternity. I'll have to get the new one at some point.)

Power Pistons (Same as above really)

  • Dieselboy! Yes! Forgot about him...remember him from the old league. He was dominant. — redlinederby
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RobertBcfc 11/24/19

Thanks - I love the Lumina Stocker and GT Racer - got one of each and they're both fast. I've got the Gold Medal Speed Sol Aire but it's still in the blister - sure it'll run well.

Love the look of the Dieselboy and hear they are very quick too.

Power Pistons is new to me - going to take a look now....

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RobertBcfc 11/24/19

Another one I should've added:

Rescue Ranger 

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redlinederby 11/24/19
Site manager

The big Land Rover MKII was always a good performer on my track.

I would put in a vote for Stockar too.

  • The X-Raycers FTE version of the Stockar is definitely in my top ten - on its day is a match for pretty much anything I have — RobertBcfc
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LeagueofSpeed 11/24/19
Event coordinator

Country Club Muscle needs to be the Race Aces car.

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LeagueofSpeed 11/24/19
Event coordinator

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RobertBcfc 11/24/19

That's a classic casting for sure.  

Speaking of classics, I remember finding a REALLY beat up Datsun 200SX (The Hot Ones - 1982 version) at a local market and it going strongly against some really fast cars - FTEs etc.

I've since picked one up in its blister and haven't raced it yet, but given how out of shape it's cousin was, I think, all things being equal, it should fly.

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SavageSpeeder 11/25/19

C'MON MAN... no love 4 the '71 funny car?

  • Funny Cars should be fast — LeagueofSpeed
  • I’ve always been quite lucky with the Funny Cars I’ve got - they mostly perform as hoped. I’ve heard a few horror stories though that even some of the metal/metal castings can be a bit of a mixed bag? The nearest I’ve had to a dud is the famous Bonneville Funny Car (Speed Spray series) - it’s quick, but not lightning fast as I’d hoped - kind of top 25% of the collection rather than the top ten racer I’d hoped it would be. Not sure if you’ve experienced any of those? — RobertBcfc
  • I've never had any luck with Funny Cars myself. I've got a few and half were duds out of the blister and the other half just not great. Only have one thats above average. — WorpeX
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LeagueofSpeed 11/25/19
Event coordinator

See you Boys on the RLD Home Track...League of Speed and Outlaw Racing in the Workshop.

  • Love the Triumph TR6 - I’ve got a blue FTE one that goes very well, and a yellow that isn’t quite as quick but still moves. The others I’ve got (a red and green casting) aren’t FTE, but are still in their blisters so not sure how they run. I’ve also got a silver one that I consider to be a dud as it’s incomparably slow so I need to replace. What are the others cars in your pic, like the look of them? — RobertBcfc
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Dadvball 11/25/19

The HW King Kenny Buick funny car is probably the fastest of all the HW funny cars. It has done better at the LJLRC than any of the others. 

  • That’s one I’ve never had the chance to pick up - definitely near the top of the shopping list though. I’ve got the Mega Graphics FC that was KOTH for Ghostjerker for a while but haven’t run it as yet — RobertBcfc
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RobertBcfc 12/18/19

Another couple of names to throw in to debate:

Super Van - I have the Ambulance from a few years which is reportedly very fast.  Mine is quicker than average but nothing special really.  What's your experience of that casting or others?  I saw a Swat Team model that looks good but wasn't sure if it's quick?

Teegray - the 2014 High Speed Racing Wheels version is in my top ten fastest cars - it stands up against most anything really.  Can it be said that other versions or generally quick as well.  It's the only casting I have so nothing to compare it to?

  • I have a pink Teegray one from 2012 and its hot garbage — WorpeX
  • Haha - you know what, I might give building my collection of Teegrays up a miss! — RobertBcfc
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WorpeX 12/18/19

Oops, I just realized I made a mistake on my post. Power Pipes is not the car I was thinking of (although its not bad). Power Rocket is. Very long wheelbase casting with a metal base and big metal engine in the back. All 3 that i've owned are pretty fast (although one is pretty old now). It's been in production for over two decades and it got retooled in 2015. I have never raced a retool, i'm not really sure what got changed about it, but the older ones are quick for sure! I really want to get one of the color shifter versions, I bet they're burners with nikel plated axels!

  • Of the ones I’ve got (3) 2 are still boxed, one of which is the Colour Shifter and the other I think is pre-retool. The one I have raced is a white casting from a 2016 5-pack. It’s ok - I’m guessing the others should leave it standing — RobertBcfc
  • I can't tell by the pictures but they might have made the back engine plastic in the new tool.. think that would make a big difference in speed. — WorpeX

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