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redlinederby Thursday, 5/11/2023
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Mail-in racing is great but sometimes you might want to just hang out with people in-person and enjoy some racing. 

Help build a directory of local & live racing

Leave a comment with the group/club name, state location, and a link if you run or know of a club/group/league that does regular in-person racing in your area. Please do not submit groups that only do online or mail-in racing.

We'll organize submissions into this list so people can easily find live racing happening in their area.



Rhode Island


Submit a comment with the name, state location, and link, of a club or group that hosts regular in-person diecast racing in your area. We'll review submissions and add them to the list above.

Check out the RLD Race Calendar for more racing events and those that offer mail-in competition.


I am trying to get it off the ground, to start a club and do live in-person racing.

Garden Super Speedway Park 

Cawston, British Columbia, Canada

Forest Monsters lurking in the night.

The "Ravine," at the finish line for the "Lightning" PHEONIX HILLS, Death Drop & Hill Climb, holds a scary secret.

Are you brave enough to face down the RAVINE!!the original "Lighting Pheonix"

Work is finally progressing on  the Anaconda Mountain 4x4 Path relocation project.  The last leg, (the 1/2 mile drag to the finish) is in it final resting place.

The "CAR SKATE PARK"  is taking shape. Bonus points for great end of run stunts.

"Rising Star" high on the ramp ito "Outter Space".!

  • Those are some pretty big tracks! Defnitely need a pullcord starting gate for those.... — SpyDude
  • Still waiting to have the 4x4 path added. — Garden_Super_Speedway_Park
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ChiefWopahoo 5/14/23
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THis is a great topic and hoping that more in-person drag racing events spring-up throughout the community. Thanks for the link Brian.

It's nothing professional or organized. But every now and then some friends and I will meet up at the shop. With at least 8 unopened cars/trucks to race. We set up a 40 foot track. With a super 6 starting gate and finish line. Only run 2 lanes. We bet a dollar a car, so if you run 4 cars, you put in 4 dollars. Of course we have coolers full of beer, and a stereo blaring. Always a great time! Also gives me a chance to find fast cars, that I end up customizing for a mail in race!

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