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Hot Wheels that are always fast

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Mattman213 12/18/19

Ive been hunting down quick cars on my janky 18 foot track and the following seems to be my top list so far.  Most are straight out of the package, no lube or mods unless noted.

1) GMS Chevy Stocker ties pretty consistently with a fresh outta the package Fairmont

2)  GMS F40 (sometimes runs heads up with above cars)

3) Dodge Concept Car (Malaysia base)

4) Cool Classics Turbo Mustang (with graphite)

5) Dodge Caravan (has its days. Very moody)

6) GHO white Camaro (with graphite)

Thats kinda my top list thats established winners on my track.  If I come across a quicker than normal car I put it against the list and see where it falls.  MANY MANY cars fall within the list but I havnt had time to put some passes on them all and see where they shake out. 

Speed Fleet F40 (smaller axles with UH wheels), Blue F40, F40 with regular axles and UH's, 8 different Fairmonts of various conditions, MANY FTE's (Italia, Hot Tub, Way2Fast, Lotus, Mustangs gallore etc) MANY GMS (F40's, Solaire, 57 Chevy, Camaro, Jag, Aeroflash (terrible initially, after many runs its almost top 1-2 easy) and Testarosa).

I have some older Speed Fleet and Ultra Hot series cars on the way that I want to test as well.

Eventually Ill do a bigger race and try to form a better list.  I wish I had some sort of timing system to help but Im struggling to even get my simple 2 led finish line to work as it sits.  One day.  Till then my inconsistent janky track will do and then Ill put together something a little more legit and see how it changes things!


  • A few great ones in there for sure. A GMS F40 is heading my way at the moment and can’t wait to see how that goes. The GMS Testarossa is right up there with my fastest — RobertBcfc
  • My Testarossa was mine from when I was younger so it has some miles on it and needed some graphite to get it back into racing shape. Its def lost some speed but Im betting with a bit of a work out I could get most of it back. Its one of my favorite cars I own honestly! — Mattman213
  • Definitely - a fave race for me is the Testarossa vs a freakishly fast Stocker FTE I have (way faster than it should be) - it’s literally down to the wire no matter the track configuration i put in place — RobertBcfc
  • I have so many cars that run neck and neck swapping wins depending on what lane they are in. A common saying is "ok, next to win in the left lane wins it all" and then 10 rounds later Im still waiting for it to happen LOL. Ive gone as far as slo-mo video to see which beats the other by more in the right lane and calling it at that. Ive had a couple cars go from ZERO to Hero and back again depending on the day which adds some intrigue to it all. — Mattman213
  • "Very Moody" is such a great way to describe the Caravan. Mines pretty old but on its good day it can still run with the top 30 cars on the track. — WorpeX
  • My Areoflash (I've always liked the Silver Bullet name better) was terrrible for YEARS. Then all of a sudden it had an pretty decent tournament in 2011 out of nowhere. Its now #2 on my leaderboard. It just keeps getting faster! — WorpeX
  • Thanks for the heads up on that one - I’ve got one of that casting still in its blister and might have ruled it out as a dud if I hadn’t known — RobertBcfc
  • WorpeX does your Aeroflash have wonky back axle like mine? Its almost like its losely held between the base and body in the very middle of the axle only and it allows the rear wheels to move up and down quite a bit? Mine is this way which is why I initially tossed it in the losers bracket early on but despite this nonsense it just keeps getting quicker and quicker. I have 3 more still in the blister but wasnt going to open them till now. Might have to see if they all are that way. — Mattman213
  • Nope, the back wheels are pretty solid on mine — WorpeX
  • Ok then im gonna get to the bottom of this. If its this quick with the defect, I cant even imagine if it was solid like it should be — Mattman213
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RobertBcfc 12/19/19

Saw the Dodge Caravan mentioned above and thought I'd throw that name into the ring for discussion.  I bought one after seeing it fly in a Ghostjerker vid but am yet to run it.

Are all the castings fast?  Are the all moody?  

Is there a standout?

  • Mine is the 1998 First Edition and I probably bought it in 1998 and it's been racing since. I think thats more the reason mine is moody, its old. Still very fast though! — WorpeX
  • Mine is also a 98 FE and its been in a dusty old box in a dusty old attic till a week or two ago. Its moody as can be. Im going to try to hit it with some lube and see if it finds some consistency here soon. — Mattman213
  • Thanks guys. I bought mine a while back and it’s sat in a box in its blister. I’m not even sure which version it is but I tried to mirror what Ghostjerker ran and the only thing similar is the FE so I guess mine will be the same. I’ve never even seen a different year casting run myself? — RobertBcfc
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RobertBcfc 1/9/20

Bringing this thread back after the, some might say, surprisingly strong performance of one of the cars in Worpex' current tournament:


After another recent win (5-1 record) it's now up to 42 in the rankings.  Now, it's never going to beat your fastest cars and it's a relatively new casting.  I have the 2018 FE and it performs similarly to Worpex' 2019 one - mine has the scalp of a few FTEs but falls to the faster ones.  Given it's newness I'm adding it to the always fast list until a slow one comes along.

  • I'm shocked mine is as fast as it is, especially since it has those weird TRAP5 wheels thats FTE2s have. Excited to see how far it gets! I'm definitely curious if others have had good luck with this casting as well! — WorpeX
  • I literally bought mine with zero expectations and got a really pleasant surprise - really keen to see if yours can hit the top 30 as it goes along — RobertBcfc
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RobertBcfc 1/9/20

I'm going to throw a few more names out there to see what people's experience of them is like and whether they warrant addition:

Bubble Gunner - I've heard this can be a monster metal metal casting.  I have an 81 main line version on order but are they all quick?

40s Woodie - never owned one of these.  A car I've heard can be quick, but are they all quick?

Aim of this thread is to come up with a list of 50 that are sure fire winners regardless of the casting you pick up - so if you have any more names to throw in the ring please do so

  • I have a couple woodies that Ive never ran but dug out to do just that. Ill let you know how they stack up. They are super heavy — Mattman213
  • I can vouch for that Woodie. I have a few and they're all pretty competitive. If I had to draft a team and it was up for bid, I'd take it. — redlinederby
  • Thanks guys, I’ll take a look out for a couple of those and see how they run. Let’s see how Mattman’s go and all being well they’ll make the list! — RobertBcfc
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LeagueofSpeed 1/9/20
Event coordinator

Yes...the Bubbles Gunner can be very fast...the pink one from the 2011-12 Hot Ones is usually the quickest 

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LeagueofSpeed 1/9/20
Event coordinator

The Speed Seeker is always a good bet...especially the Ultra Hots version 

  • That's from the White Ice Series...and most of the White Ice Series are quick — LeagueofSpeed
  • The casting has so many names. It was Speed Seeker in the 80s and Mantis in the 70s. Speed Machine in the 90s-2000s then back to Speed Seeker in 2012. Anyway, the casting looks like it should be a burner but i've never had good luck with it. Of the 3, only 1 of them is good but not great. I'll have to try and find the White Ice one or an older 80s casting! — WorpeX
  • Just managed to grab a white lightning on eBay - £8 so a definite bargain! I thought I was going crazy when I went to add it to my car list as I knew I had one in a different colour (black with flames) but I’d noted it as Speed Machine previously — RobertBcfc
  • Ive got a handful of them in various forms from a wore out used ultra hot (thin axle version) to a couple of those white ones still in the package. There arent too bad. Ill add it to the list to do a shoot out with and see if any can wow me. — Mattman213
  • White Lightning vs 40s Woodie could be an interesting match up maybe - love to see that one — RobertBcfc
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RobertBcfc 1/9/20

I was thinking - I mentioned on my initial list Speed Bump.

I go on about this car a lot - especially the Drop Tops FTE version.

Thing is, that's the only version I've ever seen or raced.

What are the others like?

  • Not to my knowledge...Speed Bump is a FTE exclusive — LeagueofSpeed
  • — RobertBcfc
  • That’s the only other one I think - it looks weird not being in teal! — RobertBcfc
  • Not an FTE exclusive, but it might as well be as thats the only one that matters! The teal version was released in 3SP and PR5 as well. — WorpeX
  • The future winner of the Full Draft tournament ;) — RobertBcfc
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Mattman213 1/10/20

Ok last night I dug out all the Speed Seekers/Speed Machines I could find.  Here's what I got.

Two brand new freshly opened White Ice versions, a fresh in the package Ultra Hot and a clapped out POS Ultra Hot that I've been working on getting some speed out of.

Racing went as I expected, the wore out car is only partially through treatment and came dead last.  I'm betting with some axle treatment and some lube itll run with the pack no problem.  One of the Ice's was a step ahead of the other and it traded wins back and forth with the minty UH car.  It got to the point where I was doing slow mo video to see which one won by the biggest gap and out of nowhere the UH car squeaked off a left lane win to beat the Ice car and win it all.

Fun info, both castings weigh nearly the same despite the age difference and changes like thinner axles and opening cockpit on the UH AND they appear to be using the same mold for the chassis just with the Speed Seeker name covered up.

And finally I ran a fresh 40's woodie straight out of the package against the pack and it didn't do so hot.  It beat on the beater UH car but stopped there.  I cannot for the life of me find my Son's version or my other loose one but one day I'll track em down and do a shootout if I can.


  • Great analysis, Matt. Hmmm...would be interesting to see this kind of thing as a regular feature; taking same castings across time and comparing. — redlinederby
  • Great read! Thanks for that Matt. — WorpeX
  • Definitely - thanks Matt. Great insight and next stop for me Is hunting down a UH version. I guess in terms of the “50” always fast cars we’re looking for the UH and White Ice are definitely in. — RobertBcfc
  • Thanks guys, was fun to do and I enjoy reading these kinda of things as well so Im game to do em anytime! The quicker two cars rank mid pack right behind a pair of quick little all metal Ferrari 308's in my recent late 90's haul list. Ive raced them all and put them in order. I have a Camaro that acts as the "Gatekeeper", if they cant beat it I dont rank em and the two slower cars couldnt make the list. — Mattman213
  • Also, the slower Ice car is in the hopper for a potential future build. Gonna see what itll do with some slick axles and maybe a little added weight. — Mattman213

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