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Build Journal: Bennett Crossing

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Bossick 5/6/24

Even though the whole job market is not the greatest, I gambled and picked up the train - a Lionel produced S-gauge American Flyer. It was the lowest-priced set, they had. I unboxed it and gave it a run. I felt like a kid again.

I have a bit more track coming - can go 40" on the straights - but I thought I would also take some photos with my son's old Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars for some comparison.

I'm really looking forward to getting the table up and the track built.

  • Slick Train. — LottaSpeedRacing
  • That is a nice looking train... I picked up a nice American Flyer Baldwin Switcher for my engine. I like that look... — Stoopid_Fish_Racing

I've built 2 tracks before in a 8'x4' space - our hillclimb rally track and our stadium rally cross track. We used boosters and some gravity to try and make it fun. If you checkout my behind the scenes video, it shows you a bit more about them if you're interested. Even the orginal canyon track was only about 9-10' long but only 2ft wide.

  • It is never a waste of time to do the things you love doing... Great behind the scenes vid! Thanks for sharing! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • I’ve watched many of your videos, and it is been really interesting to see how you’ve built your track. I didn’t realize how tight of a space you were confined to. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. — Bossick
  • thanks for posting that, great stuff — dr_dodge
  • You are defiantly a Master of space usage... I love the detail work in the dioramas and in the tracks. I will be looking for your channel to watch your races... Thanks for being apart of the community and sharing this video... — Desert_Rat_Racing
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Bossick 5/24/24

Put legs on the table with casters on the bottom so I can rotate it/make sure I can gain access to my furnace if I need to.

I promptly got to work on the race track. Final downslope is in place. I put a piece of plywood down so the track should be level with the railroad or pretty close at the crossing. I thought about having cars jump the crossing, but I decided against it.

I plan to get the race track down first then add in the railroad.

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Bossick 6/9/24

Track is complete. I tested two different colored, but same, Hot Wheels cars. Action seems to be pretty decent. In my second turn, if there is still some side by side racing, one car seems to fly off the track below.

I think with that section of the track, I put in some catch netting to try to prevent the cars from falling to the floor.

In the front, between curves 2 and 3, my brother laser-cut and built a bridge. It can be seen in this image.

The diorama will be bit more enclosed on the right with as much open air as I can at literal train crossing and the finish line.

The finish line is at the edge of the table. I plan to run track down to the actual floor after the finish line so it isn't so abrupt.

I ordered a timing/start system from Slanman. Once that is here, I plan to start racing as I start to piece together the diorama.

I'm adding a few more images to give a few more angles on what's built.

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