Address book template, Google spreadsheet

redlinederby Friday, 5/28/2021
Site manager

I have a Google spreadsheet that I've used as a racing address book for years. I use it to not only make sure I know where cars need to go if they don't have a entry form, I use it to make generating postage on web sites like Pirate Ship quick and easy.

I made a template version of this address book to share in case anyone wants to copy and use it for their own purposes. No...there's no names or addresses in it, it's just a template you can use to start your own if you need one. And believe me, once you start hosting mail-in races, you'll want one.

The only "feature" in this spreadsheet is a checkbox for each row that builds a list of addresses in another sheet that can easily be exported as a CSV or other formats you can use with other web sites.

For example, when it's time to ship cars, I go through and check each racer I have. That builds a list in the export sheet. I export that sheet as a CSV file and upload it to Pirate Ship to easily get postage printed in one shot. It saves me a lot of time and effort.

It's nothing fancy but it might be useful for someone and at least act as a foundation to build on.

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