Adjustable angle, low profile, 2 lane starting line

model40fan Friday, 11/7/2014

Can't leave well enough alone...  Requires a 3/4" offset to race on a "board track", race ready for off table racing ;

2 pins, dropped by the outboard rotating washer, flat washer in the center is the stop ;

pins holding the cars back ;

pins dropped ;

adjustable support stand ;

lets race !

the 1/4" x 20 stud and starter pins are centered for DRAG TRAX , but work with HOT WHEELS ...

one of these, a DRAG TRAX track pack, an 8 foot flat board and you are racing on the cheap.


to anchor the starter to a wooden plank you could remove the 2 front Philips screws, saw a 2.25" x 1" notch into the end of the plank for pin clearance, run wood screws through the existing holes... you're racing...

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