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All about making axles

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FredD 10/20/23

Soldered axle ends and other stuff

Soldered axel ends and rubber band suspension

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FredD 10/20/23

My digital microscope for anyone interested... it is older and not that many megapixels, but works for me... image displayed on screen and saved to SD card.

  • nice — Numbskull
  • I see newer ones with 1000x magnification for about $40 or less these days... but this one works for me and I have had it for many years. — FredD
  • I have crimper envy ;) — Redline_Salvage_Inc
  • lol — dr_dodge
  • heheh... — FredD
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FredD 12/24/23

I finally found an old microwave at the local dump and was able to strip out the transformer... and a few other miscellaneous bits. Just need the solenoid and will be ready to start assembling my axle machine. Since it functions very much like a pen battery tab welder, I am going to see if I can make a dual purpose setup... would love to be able to weld frames, roll cages and such.

Spot welding roll cage

  • good luck, keep us posted — dr_dodge
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johnson9195 12/28/23

I used a similar control board as this one to make a spot welder. I don't recall where I purchased mine from though.

  • gotta like that and reasonably priced too! — FredD

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