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Are we the NASCAR/NHRA/SCCA/ESPN of die cast racing?

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AP3_Diecast 2/2/23

I think a step that may help get to an official governing body, would be to have tracks (track creaters) partner up, agree on rules/conditions and create their own "circuit" or group of tracks that Racers could race on, kind of like a road tour.  Lets say you have 10 tracks, the cars show up at track #1 and qualify to run the main race, a winner is crowned and there is a points system like real racing.  The cars gets shipped to the next track (owner expense), and qualify there, run the race etc.  Track 10 the final race would be like a championship race or a shoot out or something like that to crown a circuit champion.  I think this would be great with as little as 5-6 tracks in a circuit as well.  I also think grouping together similar track types would make it fun.  For example there could be a 1/2 mile circuit where all the tracks are 1/2 mile.  Of course you could have a 1 mile circuit.  A drag circuit etc.  Even group by themes like city tracks, mountain tracks, fantasy tracks etc.  There are lots of possibilities.  Being able to see the same drivers and cars at different tracks every week and tracking a points system would be a lot of fun to see.  I think a few small organized circuits like this would help build up to something bigger like a governing body or even an ESPN like YouTube channel. Even though this is a hobby, I think like in real life when trying to build something big you have to start small first.

  • I like it, and that makes logical steps in building the org. there would be the ability of driver/builders to create a fan following, and that in turn would increase viewers to other tracks — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 2/3/23

The "interview" between GTR and EPvids was pretty cool
"Men behind diecast racing"

a series of these would be cool, track builders/owners interviewing each other
pitfalls of building/maint a track, racing management, video production, all very good subjects

also makes you feel like you know the guy you are sending your cars to

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