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CutRock_R_Marc_D Monday, 5/15/2023

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Hey there all!

I thought I would share this recent new Australian Track I have come across.

I have not seen another track constructed like it, and may serve to inspire others, to look around and create an equally inspiring track!

It is made from Hebel Brick (airated concrete brick) and hand carved. Built to represent the Bathurst track, and wow he has done a great job! He does have a vid on the construction and his vid production is improving all the time.

So thought I would share his latest track race video! It is always interesting and thought provoking to check out different track constructions, layouts and such!

Cheers, Marc D


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SpyDude 5/15/23

That was some awesome racing and announcing!

  • It certainly is an interesting racing surface, eh! Cheers! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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FeralPatrick 5/15/23

Sweet! Thanks for the recommendation!

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Chaos_Canyon 5/16/23

Just saw this on the weekend. That's quite the build.

  • Another bespoke track build, that is worth the watch! Cheers CC, Marc D — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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dr_dodge 5/16/23

thats so cool!  I'd love to build something like that.

I like the idea of a perm installed outdoor track out of concrete.

Use a 1/2 mortar/concrete mix.

(you can wet sand green concrete with a brick to make it very smooth)

You could model a real looking mt and run around/thru it, and have great beautiful layout.

Great lighting outdoors, too

my wife is not gonna be happy, I have a cement

brain's on overdrive!

thanks for sharing!

  • Best thing I've read all day, "my wife is not gonna be happy, I have a cement mixer." — redlinederby
  • Haha Go for it, just tell her you are landscaping!! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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redlinederby 5/16/23
Site manager

That is very cool! Reminds me of an idea I had long ago about putting permanent concrete downhills in public parks. Just a little 2-lane hill that can exist as art but also function as a downhill track for kids (or anyone) to bring their cars to the park and just play and have fun. ...have a construction company sponsor/donate the concrete and they get a little plaque on it, just like a playground or tree or anything else in a park. I've seen parks with permanent concrete cornhole court so why not a racing hill?

Very cool and very unique. I might reach out to see if we can get an interview and learn more.

  • Hear me out. Concrete stairs from one level of the playground to another. Use wide railings with parallel grooves in the top. Is this too ridiculously simple? — SpyDude
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redlinederby 5/16/23
Site manager

Here's the video on how he made it. A good story and good tour of how it came together. Really nice and simple starting gate too, great way to use the actuator motor.

  • I am eyeballin' the back yard, already talked to mrs dr about a track planter, could look real cool (and lots of but what great lighting — dr_dodge

Nice craftsmanship,  the time you put it and the dedication to see it thru

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dr_dodge 5/17/23

diy ariated concrete, with tool

basicly make thick soap suds to mix into the cement

very cool stuff!

It's made out of concrete???

Is that bad for the wheels???

I have so many questions!!!

  • yes, concrete, painted, I believe. 2 methods, the vid above, and 50/50 portlane to limestone, + 10% alum, I think, bubbles displace the cement, lighter, but probably in houston would suck up too much water — dr_dodge
  • Intriguing, none the less — dr_dodge
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redlinederby 5/19/23
Site manager

Have a question for Bathurst Diecast Racing? I'm going to be doing a Q&A with Bathurst Racing about his track and channel for an article here on the site. Make a quick reply with any question you'd like to ask him and it might become part of the article.

  • My question for Bathurst: Since the track is outside,is their any concern about weather and if the track can handle harsh conditions? — Kingjester
  • My question is if there‚Äôs a risk for wheel wear, and if there was how did he minimize/eliminate it. If he did shits crazy and got my attention. — 0utsiders_Street_Racing

Nice track, let's us know when your next race for I can be Ready ????

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WallyChamp73 5/19/23

Fast track!   Wow.   

Mail in tourney's coming up?

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