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BlueLine Racing 60g Modified Championship Series

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My car was sent Out Priority Mail on Airforce One, USPS said it will be there by Saturday?

  • Yes sir, you’ll be here in plenty of time. Good Luck — BlueLineRacing

Hello mr blue line I hope my car makes it in time I did send a message to you but I found a different way here to reach out to you I am with uncle Joe Speedway I had a situation where I was put in the hospital for a couple of weeks and it put me behind schedule so I hope you get in my car in enough time and don't disqualify me I apologize for that sir

  • No problem, I hope your ok. I don’t start the recording of races until the night of the 27th so you should be fine — BlueLineRacing
  • Your car arrived today. Good Luck — BlueLineRacing

Red Pill is on the way. 

The last pickup at the post office for cars is Tuesday afternoon. I have 30 cars here now and I know of a few more coming in. We start racing Tuesday night and the video race will be up on YouTube April 29th at 10:00pm EST

Good Luck

Haven't heard from the following teams and tomorrow is the deadline. 


White Knuckle Racing


Silverback Racing

  • Just saw this...what did I miss? My Yellow H3 is there... — Crazy_Canuck
  • I have you as Crazy Canuck, which of these names is yours? — BlueLineRacing
  • Both...My Driver is Crazy shop is White Nuckle Motoring — Crazy_Canuck

Big Race coming Thursday night at 10pm

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BiffsPlace 4/28/21

Stick me on the waiting list please! 

  • Little late on this one. Still spots for August in the Shoebox race. Go check that one out and let me know if you’d like to get in — BlueLineRacing

Premiers tonight at 10pm EST on the BlueLine Racing YouTube channel. Subscribe and click the bell to be notified 30 mins before the race starts. Good Luck everyone!

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SpyDude 5/6/21

Kinda curious as to how well the bottom eighteen did in the racing.I suppose it doesn't really matter, since we were all eliminated, but I was curious as to how well people did on their runs.  I'm actually kinda happy with a 1.932 on a car that was a peg warmer.

EDIT: Decided to go through the video and write down all the times of those who didn't make the cut on the top eighteen.

Bottom 17 Teams:

01. RLo Racing - 1.900

02. MakersBox Racing - 1.901

03. GoldenOwl - 1.902

04. ND Racing - 1.904

05. Penguin Racing - 1.912

06. Scale Racing - 1.916

07. Uncle Joe's Speedway - 1.918

08. Big Mac Racing - 1.925

09. Aces High Racing - 1.932

10. Big Poppy Racing - 1.949

11. Dubious Diecast - 1.953

12. 5-0-Tree Racing - 1.956

13. Crazy Canuck - 1.962

14. It's Diego - 1.968

15. Uncle Elvis Racing - 1.973

16. Redline Salvage Inc. - 1.987

17. Ca$hMoneyBoy$ - 1.989

  • Nice work, thanks for putting that out — BlueLineRacing
  • That 17th looks better than 36th Lol!! Thank you! I feel bbetter now; hopefully my 70g does better!! — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • I know it’s not great, but at least we can see where we wound up on the list. Considering my car was a peg warmer, I’m surprised I wasn’t dead last - guess I must have done something right. — SpyDude
  • Everyone on this list needs to know that those of us NOT on the bottom list were there once before. We kept at it and realized that 1) sending in something "good enough" wont be good enough and 2) busted tail to get better. Its slow and it takes ALOT of L's often to get there (for me at least) but if you allow yourself to learn from each and every mod and every race you will see your game stepping up as you go. KEEP AT IT GUYS!!! — Mattman213
  • Well said, Mattman. — SpyDude

Very true Matt, I've taken many more beatings than wins or top finishes. You have to start somewhere. I didn't post the bottom 17 because I didn't want to embarrass or discourage anyone. I remember watching my car get beat by 2-3-4 car lengths just last summer. For some it's a reason to quit but for a select few it's a motivating factor to get better each race.

  • Ive been handed more L's than Ive handed out thats for sure. I have my streaks tho and when Im hot Im hot...when Im am I not LOL — Mattman213

Thanks for posting that Spy Dude!

The hardest part for me as a newbie is knowing what went wrong or less good.

Did I polish the axle enough? Did I have bad wheels? Did I graphite enough? Did I have the wrong amount of weight? Was my weight distribution poor? Was my casing one that doesn't work well no matter what?

Without knowing what is good and what isn't, it feels like blind/educated  guessing. I know a good deal on what makes a fast car but don't know which aspect was the reason for being slow.

  • When that Mod comes home, re-graphite it and then use it to test your next Mod. Then you will have an idea of whether your getting quicker or not and will know if you need to keep at it or that your headed the right way. You will hone your methods and get to the (frustrating) point where you have to damned near get lucky to beat your last Mod! — Mattman213
  • That's some solid advice, thanks! Though I won't know what is working specifically necessarily, if I only change one thing I can see where the difference is. Still trying to figure out what makes a good set of wheels - I've used silent spinners that were slower than one's that made noise lol. Trial and error I suppose! — pupulesurfer
  • Wobble. Wobble is bad. Silent and wobbly can lose to loud and true. Silent and true will rule all — Mattman213
  • Mattman213: "Silent and true will rule all" That should be on a T-Shirt! :D — G4DiecastRacing
  • HA!!! — Mattman213
  • I’ve seen quite a few cars come through here and I can’t tell you as a fact that Matt has some of the quietest wheels I’ve ever heard spin — BlueLineRacing
  • Thanks!!! NOTHING irks me more than going through the motions and once everything is glued up and ready to rock I hear some grit coming from one or more of the wheels. I have numerous Mods sitting in a container that I ripped the wheels out of to start over one day because of this — Mattman213
  • Hardest part of modding a car is finding 4 good wheels and two straight axels — BlueLineRacing
  • Definitely agree with BLR and Mattman. I can't tell you how many times I've spun one wheel and it's like butter. Then I go to the other side, only to hear that crazy vibration sound...smh. Sometimes all you have to work with is an OK set, and that's cool. It can get expensive finding a great set of wheels. Sooner or later you'll get that great set of wheels, and it'll be worth the time and effort. — GhostRacing

The June leg of the 60g Championship will kick off sometime in the next week at Scale Racing Channel. The track specs are in the track directory but it is going to be a scale quarter mile but with a 24" ramp height. 15" shorter than the last leg at the Northeast Beast. While fast is fast we could see a real mix up in the top 10 and hopefully some cars that didn't score in round 1 will do better this round and pick up some points on a different track. 
There have been a few changes to the schedule.

The guys over at Low Country Diecast decided to take "The Drop" over at MAC Racing out of the rotation. That track is only timed at hundredths of a second and they were worried there would be too many races registered as ties.

Also, the cars will not be racing at Nick Deavers track in Oct due to a personal scheduling issue but we still have Scale Racing Channel, Red Pill Hill and then two races at Low Country Diecast before the cars come back here to the Northeast. In my second event, instead of the top half of times moving on, it will be a random bracket event. 
Good Luck everyone, plenty of racing to come.

  • Hi BLR, thank you for the update in information for this series! I look forward to viewing the next event. Best wishes to all. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Sounds Good Bud! Thank you for the update on the events! Much Appreciated! Good Luck Everyone! — PoBoy_Racing
  • Woohoo...looking forward to my Vette getting SMOKED on the shallower incline of SRC's track HA! — Mattman213
  • Awesome, can't wait for the different styles! — pupulesurfer

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