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BlueLine Racing 60g Modified Championship Series

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The bracket seeding selection video is up on Scale Racing Channel for the June races. Check it out

  • Ooof...rough luck - wild card slot and I'm already at the bottom of the standings lol! Cinderella story here I come! — pupulesurfer
  • I do really like that display! — SpyDude

We are in Georgia at Red Pill Hill! Check out the bracket qualifier just posted on Red Pill Racing's YouTube channel.

  • Interesting qualifying!! — DXPRacing
  • A track that Im notoriously mediocre at and yet...and pleasantly good qualifying time! Ill take it! — Mattman213

Round 1 is up at RedPill Racing. If you missed this event this year we are hoping to make it an annual event and maybe even add another drag track or two. Don't miss it.

The 60g Championship Circuit Finals In Georgia at Red Pill Racing Premiers now!

  • Thanks Red Pill for hosting. As a long time fan it is an honor to race at Red Pill Hill! Great racing by all! There are some insanely fast builds in this series. — Healer_Racing

The next stage is set to begin in South Carolina at Low Country Diecast where the cars will race at the Boomtown drag strip and then on Flip's Strip. From there they will head back to BlueLine Racing and race in a bracket tournament on the Northeast Beast and finish on the new 16' drag strip in a timed event. Whoever has the most points after the final event will be crowned the champion and receive the hardware. 
I will be doing a 64 car circuit tournament in 2022 where I hope to have all these drags strips back and maybe a few more. I will announce the details in November but remember build them fast and build them to last because my plan is to start in early Feb and end in December of 2022.

The next leg of the BlueLine Racing's 60g circuit race is up at Boomtown Drag Strip

  • Congrats, BlueLine! Awesome win. Thanks to the Low Country guys for hosting. That's a great track. — Healer_Racing

The next leg on the BlueLine Racing Circuit Series is up at Flip's Strip in SC. Good Luck all!

The series will finish up back here at BlueLine Racing for a bracket tournament on the NE Beast in Aug and then a timed event on my new 16' track sometime in Late Sept 

  • Congrats, Mattman213! As always, great racing by all. Thanks to LCDRL for hosting. Both tracks were great. I really like how y'all ran the races too. I'm also glad to see that RLO got "healed". Best of luck to everyone on the last two races. Can't wait to see Blueline's new track. — Healer_Racing
  • Thanks that was some good stuff. Glad the Vette picked up rather than slowing down this go around! — Mattman213
  • Congrats Mattman on your win! Cant wait to see the new track!! — Flip81

The bracket pull for the next leg of the 60g circuit race is up. This is the next to last leg of this tournament premiering  Monday August 9th at 10pm EST

  • heesh...not my event at all. I've been 'lucky' to have to race into the 36th place each time that format has been used, of which I think I've lost them all — pupulesurfer
  • Whether you race in or are in the main bracket if you lose you get two races. On the bright side if you win in the race in you get bonus racing. — BlueLineRacing

Stage 6 Premiers Monday August 9th at 10:00pm EST. Good Luck!

  • Looking forward to it! — DXPRacing
  • Excited to see my first win to get in! A surprise come from behind victory!! — pupulesurfer
  • 1300 views in one day. Not bad for a little drag racing channel — BlueLineRacing

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