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Bootleg Run - Dixie Gran Prix 2

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Can the weight be visible?

  • If you can see it in the cockpit yes...but not outside the car...maintain original silhoutte — LeagueofSpeed

Is this legal?

Is it legal to mold tha chassis then fill the mold with lead and use it for my chassis as long as it's under 50g.

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Dadvball 7/11/19

Count me in. Going through stuff to see what's quickest before modding. 

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Jdub3000 7/13/19

Are hi rollers eligible?

  • JDUB!!!!! ....and yes, High Roller is eligible — LeagueofSpeed
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Jdub3000 7/14/19

  • Built for the inaugural race at Bootleg run 2 years ago, but I was late sending them in. — Jdub3000
  • Sweet. — LeagueofSpeed

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