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Build Journal : Cardboard mountain

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Deedose 2/19/22

I finally managed to make a finish line prototype :

  • Makes me want to get out my Arduino and futz around too! — redlinederby
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Deedose 2/20/22

The timer prototype is done :Here is what it looks like fully assembled :The car detection only works half the time ... There's still so much to do .

  • Be careful with the distance between the beams. I've found there's a point where that diminishes and having over/under detector is needed. — redlinederby
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Deedose 2/25/22

I did everything I could with arduino , and everything is working properly exept for the IR sensor . It wasn't reliable at all . I suppose it's broken , because I got the sensor 2 years ago , and only try to use it now .

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Deedose 2/25/22

I'm taking a break from arduino to build the scenery of the track , starting with the slopes of the mountain :

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Deedose 2/26/22

More progress :

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GT_Diecast 3/2/22

Please tell me how you build those 180 curves. 

  • Check out the Track Building link in the Archive, there are a couple topics about making curves — redlinederby
  • Ok — Deedose
  • I finished the tutorial , you can find it over there : — Deedose
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Deedose 3/12/22

It's done !! The electronic gate finally works !!! It was so painful to make !The car took 540 ms to go down the slope .

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D1G1T4L 3/12/22

Those new details are looking amazing great work with the mountian side! 

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GT_Diecast 3/14/22

Cool! Great work over there;)

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Deedose 3/16/22

More mountain building :I wanted to make the turns more reliable , and accessible to a wider range of cars . The start drop and turn became open track pieces , because I had trouble with the separation walls .Then I made the banking of the first 2 turns steeper , I don't think it made the turns more reliable , but definitely allows for better speed conservation , and for some crazy crashs :I wanted to make the cars drift around the 3rd turn , but I ave no idea how I'm supposed to do it . Any suggestions ?

  • I don't know. There are some videos on YouTube that show how to do it. — GT_Diecast
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Deedose 3/21/22

My first time soldering :Servo ready :Electronic circuit being assembled :Display where it needs to be :All the composants are ready to use :Done !It works ! the timer works !

  • Wow, that's awesome! You finally did it! — GT_Diecast
  • I can start optimising my diecast cars — Deedose

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