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SilverFoxRacing Saturday, 8/28/2021

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August 28, 2021

The current state of Mt. Kitsune Circuit. A cardboard track built by yours truly. It was not an easy project but it seems that building it was not a bad idea.

It's actually not my idea to make this diorama but a guy in the name of "3D" proved that there is a new way of having fun with diecasts.

The track is inspired mostly by 3DBot's Race Mt. but there are also other tracks and channels that inspired me building it.

Track Name: Mt. Kitsune Circuit                              Total Length: 16ft.                                                      Track Material: Cardboard 

Pictures of old progress of the track will be posted below :) 


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This was the first stage of my track, a 2 car wide fat track also built by cardboard. It was at least 6ft long and provided me loads of fun back then.

This was took in early 2020 before the pandemic. 

May 25, 2020

The track has been changed into a mountain style track yet it still looks very bare. Bamboo sticks (thick ones) were for the bases with cardboard boxes and there it looks functional. It was a time were materials were scarce here due to Covid so I just used what I have now. It wasn't until a few days til I got supplies to continue on. 

June - July 2020

You can see I flipped the track so it looks much better. Shown here that the track has paper covering and now already has paint yet something is still missing. A start gate and a proper finish line.

December 2020

Wow I still haven't finished the track, why? School. I had classes starting last November so I didn't focused much on the track. Of course after a few free times I decided to fix it here and there. The result? A much better and pleasing looking track. I also improved most of it, like balancing or calibrating it for close racing. 

February 10,2021

The 2nd turn got a major repair because it didn't work on other cars. Here is a new setup and it works! More updates to be done on future dates.

March 2021

Look at that! It looks really great! The turn can handle cars well and it's banked just enough for cars tl go smoothly. Paper bags work good for dirt terrain too! 

In April 2021 I did more work to it. Scaffoldings here and there and plenty of paper mache. I've used tons of glue, hot glue sticks, tape etc. The track looks good now, to my eyes lol. It still needs more care and love to look very pleasant but here, it started to become Mt. Kitsune 

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H3zzard 8/28/21

Great to see what techniques you used, and how everything developed as you went along. 
Really excellent that you took so many progress photographs too! 

  • Thank you H3zzard :D. I tried my best to take as many pics as possible so I can really see the difference of the before and after the track. It ain't done yet but soon it will ;) — SilverFoxRacing

August 29,2021

Finished putting up more paper bags to produce the mountain side dirt effect look. More to be put up soon (as I ran out of materials lol). Will try and do some track painting later afternoon. 

  • Great track ,can't wait to see some racing on it. — AJdiecastracing
  • Just had a sign up post to test the track, it's on FB but I'll also post it here :) — SilverFoxRacing

August 30, 2021

Used tape to add road markers on the track. It gives it a more realistic feel don't you say? ;). 

Just started a tournament featuring Mt. Kitsune Circuit! You can watch it here:

Note: Still WIP, but will update it as time goes :D

  • SICK footage of the '77 Pontiac Firebird flipping on the final turn and saving it to cross the finish line!! — Offroadfun2468
  • I also love how the Dodge Challenger Drift started to drift just as he crossed the finish line! — Offroadfun2468

Just finished this billboard today :D

A big thank you to Mr. And Mrs. Elst of The Cliff Int. for the awesome track accessories they gave me last week, I have now enough track to put into Mt. Kitsune! Now undergoing renovations, here is a short video to see what to expect of Mt. Kitsune Circuit ;)

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Playz 9/29/21

Love that 7eleven building, where did you get that from?

good luck with the build too!

  • Actually that piece was created on my own :D. Here's the link on how I made it : — SilverFoxRacing
  • Also thank you :) — SilverFoxRacing

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