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Build Journal: Ozark Mountain Speedway

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JBlotner42 4/13/24

Track lighting. Light is important, or so I'm told.

Just moved the chicks out of the garage which freed up 2 of my 3 dome lamps. 5  Daylight bulbs and the tube lights do alright.

  • Lookin' good!! — ManiacMotorsports
  • Cool! Starting to look like a true Hollywood set! Nice! — LottaSpeedRacing
  • amazon had some led daylight lights that I out in my dome lights, what a difference it made. Looking good! — dr_dodge
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JBlotner42 4/30/24

I made some things. Not sure where they are going yet.

  • your racing vids are very good, been watchin' the "outlaw o'reilly nats" — dr_dodge
  • I call bomb off the.... — dr_dodge
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Phil_NWA1 5/5/24

Love what you are doing, the track is looking great and I have enjoyed your updates 

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