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Chaos_Canyon 4/18/20

It's race weekend! Here's the driver selection, car selection, race draw and track test. The event happens tomorrow and I'll do my best to have the footage completed as quickly as possible. But for now, checkout what you'll be driving and who you're up against.

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Chaos_Canyon 4/19/20

Ok, the racing is done but we're frantically working through a ton of footage to put together a video that will do the racing justice. In the meantime, we sent the rookie, Steve Stevenson, out on the track to take you for a personalised tour of the track from a drivers perspective. Enjoy :)

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Chaos_Canyon 4/20/20

The race video is up. You can see it on YouTube now. I'll post the results on the race tomorrow, so as not to give any spoilers too soon :)

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