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Cars of Legends - Results Posted

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Numbskull 7/18/22

Can we tint the windows?

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PuffsRacing 7/18/22

I want in.   I got michaelangelo ninja turtles  


Puff's Racing 

  • Puff's Racing will be driving TMNT Michaelangelo! You are on the roster! — Kaiju_Colorado

I'd like a spot please sir. And I'll take this guy.  

  • Hey! I think your pic did not post. Or maybe my phone is being dumb? — Uncle_Elvis
  • Thanks Uncle Elvis! Yeah my pic was too large to attach. — BayCityDiecast
  • nice pick — Numbskull
  • Bay City Diecast Racing will be driving Marvel Aquaman! You are on the roster! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • How does that compare to the Cadillac V16 wheelbase? — Bongo
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Bongo 7/18/22

Bongo Motorsports in with the Gigantosaurus

  • Bongo Motorsports will be driving Jurassic World Gigantosaurus! You are on the roster! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Hooray! I am hoping my near-Kaiju will be welcomed with open arms by The Rim. — Bongo

Kit Kayem of Gen-X Vintage Racing

Bugs Bunny from Space Jam

  • Gen-X Vintage Racing will be driving Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny (Space Jam)! You are on the roster! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • ohh this is a good one! — TinyTrackCars
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MadMike 7/18/22

I'm in


For all of those individuals that say you're in, but fail to post a pic of the casting you are using, you are NOT in. The rules specifically state you must post a pic of the character car you will use to claim it. Also, character cars are fantasy cars. Check the link in the rules to verify your character car is on the WH Wiki list. They are not real cars with a character themed tampo.

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MadMike 7/18/22

Here is mine

  • Mad Mike will be driving Minecraft Zombie! You are on the roster! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Thanks. I had to find a pic of the car as I was on the road when I called my spot — MadMike
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SpyDude 7/18/22

All right, I'm in.
SpyDude, Aces High Racing, Arizona.


  • SpyDude will be driving Disney Elsa! You are on the roster! — Kaiju_Colorado
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Bongo 7/18/22

Also, thanks for the education. I had always thought "character cars" were just  cars with licensed pop culture tie-ins of any kind. I didn't realize it's an ongoing series from Hot Wheels called Character Cars where they interpret characters into a crazy fantasy car form. I've never collected these so when I hit Target to find something I finally noticed the series logo on the packages. It was slim pickings at the store but here's some illustrations.  

Not a Character Car. Confusingly there are Masters of the Universe Character Cars but this isn't one.

Yes, this one is (note logo)

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Lily_the_Dog 7/18/22

Lily the Dog (Lily's Boneyard)

Disney's Cheshire Cat

  • Lily the Dog will be driving Disney Cheshire Cat! You are on the roster! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • That's actually pretty funny. A dog driving a cat. lol — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Lmao. — Numbskull
  • Lol, that’s what I was going for! — Lily_the_Dog
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GoldenOwl 7/19/22

Team Golden Owl

Scarlet Witch

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