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Clutch Mountain Contender Series

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Bolo_Brown 11/22/21

Miniature Car Racing would love to do this 

  • I've been slacking on getting on here, sorry about the delayed response. I got you on the list though! — WeRaceDiecast

I read all the rules and would like to join. 

  • Hey there, yes I can get you added to the list for an entry race. Can you contact me Via Facebook. and I'll get you added. — WeRaceDiecast
  • Unfortunately, I'm not on Facebook. — Ironbeardcustoms

Opening Tournament is complete! You can Binge Watch here:

i am not used to useing small wheels hopefully we do well

  • As long as they are same size as the stock wheels you can use them. But the Speedtail has ran on Clutch before during a Picks4Pinks episode. It did fairly well, might want to check that out :) — WeRaceDiecast
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ShannonBR 12/19/21

For the McLare Speedtail. Do you want the number on the hood or on the glass since there reallly isn't a roof? 

  • I'll update it. The roof isn't really required because of the casting. You can put it on the hood, but not required. doors should be fine. — WeRaceDiecast

so for the gt40 race will the winners of the speedtail races be in that

  • I didn't originally plan it that way. I planned that as just being another Ranked race. But I actually like that idea. It's not a guarantee, but We will see how it goes. — WeRaceDiecast

Can't wait to be picked from the Queue. I am ready to go

  • I don't recognize your username, have you reached out to get added? — WeRaceDiecast
  • Yes, Matt Langfitt, we talked on facebook messenger — Papa_Pugsley

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