Crows Nest Pass Amateur Die Cast Racing for Pinks

Monday, February 1st, 2021
Hosted by Crows Nest Pass
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Scotty_Roberts Monday, 2/1/2021

Just getting started. Have had 3 races. Each one is for pink slips. Will be working on getting the big mountain rally course done soon but for now... its drag racing in a 1/16th of a mile scaled. Blogger FB YouTube

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EgoChubbs 2/10/21

Is this a mail in tournament or are we just submitting drivers and or teams with your selection? Sorry if this was brought up before. 

  • I am doing mail ins now. Have had 5 cars so far so hoping to see more try their hand. Running the big mountain track too so if you want to mail in, visit the facebook group, give me a pm and lets arrange the details. — Scotty_Roberts
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