Cut-off wheels...

72_Chevy_C10 Thursday, 1/18/2018
Event coordinator

I think I posted about these in the past, but these are a 'must have', if you ask me. They are fiberglass reinforced cut-off dremel disks. If you'be ever had a dremel brand cut-off wheel come apart on you, you'll like these...these won't fly apart. 

I use them for just about everything...these and the 1/2" drum sander are my two main go to tools when modding.

They are kinda big (1-1/2") right out of the package, but as they wear down, they get to be a nice size. 

I think this pack of 50 was $7.99 on ebay...and it will last me a very long time!.

Just thought I'd share something a little different!

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