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Cyrano Buckminster presents Concept chaos at Funkhouser Diecast Racing sponsored by Merch by Meekin

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Uncle_Elvis 6/24/23


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RLoRacing 6/24/23

I'm in 

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MrDarq 6/24/23

Mr. Darq if you still have a spot please. 

Throw me in there

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MWAI_Racing 6/24/23

MWAI Racing would like to get in on this

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Sam_Haul 6/24/23

Sam Haul in, please!

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Beaverworx 6/24/23

Sounds like fun! Beaverworx Would like in!

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Kitchen Sink Racing #62...please:)

Got room for one more?


  • Your in. Good luck — Douglas
  • Do you consider the Koenigsegg Gemera a concept car? The diecast was released when the car was only a concept. — VariatSkunkworks

Would Love a Spot Please


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Sneaky_Bob 6/24/23

Sneaky Bob will take a spot.
Vapor Diecast Racing

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