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Damnation Alley - An Adventure You'll Never Forget

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MDG_Racing 4/17/19

Any chance of a track visual. Curious about distance to first loops and this 'Drop' you speak of. Like Voxxer says, build your cars to the track.

Hoping to test but kinda winging it. Thanks in advance.

Boom Machines...MDG Racing and Bayou City Bandits are in house....looks to be a small field, but it's going to be fun regardless.

  • You had a good number originally. No shows? Glad mine made it. Was just about to track them. Good luck racers ???? — MDG_Racing

We're going to try and film this the way CC Rider films his Hazzard County Drag n Fly or something close...may due a little trail and error test.

  • Not sure how that is but sounds cool. — MDG_Racing

Still tweaking and calibrating the track...trying to work out some bugs...and change a few small details. So, reveal show and the racing action forthcoming.

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