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DDR: FB-FS *Final Episode LIVE!*

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PrioriTea 8/3/21

I'm in! :D

  • Awesome! Cant wait too see you on The Track! Our Race field for this one just keeps growing! Expect a new events Promo This week around Friday after this weeks Muscle Masters! Episode on Wednesday! I'm thinking we're probably gonna be getting a Preview of the Cars that have showed up for F.B.- F.S. So far! — D1G1T4L
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4thSun 8/4/21

I want in!

I'm in if Any spots available! Rusty Wheeler with commotion Diecast 

  • I do have some open Seats! I have an events promo 3 Set for monday with a preview of the FB-FS Race Field. Ill be in contact with ya as we get closer to the Race Date to let you pick a ride! Or there is still time to send one in! Either way, we'll get ya in there Rusty! :) — D1G1T4L
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BiscuitBrown 8/13/21

I'd love to run in this if there's a spot open!  This would be my first ever race.   I like to add suspension (but no weights,) would that be allowed? 

Here's a sample of my suspension running.

  • Seems like a sweet setup to me! Reactor Ridge is Tough! Could be a good choice or a difficult one! We'll see :) send em on in! The Officials allow it! — D1G1T4L
  • Hell yes! — BiscuitBrown
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Spirit_Of_64 8/13/21

Deadline almost snuck up on me, but I did send my truck in today!  Should be there on the 17th, and the shipping # is 9500 1122 9584 1225 2867 49

  • Ahh glad you got it in! Depending on the size of our tournament i may be able to take some late entries! Excited to see what Scooter will be showing up in this time! :) — D1G1T4L
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BiscuitBrown 10/6/21

Man... just my front two tires dipping into the marsh gets me DQ'd!?  Lol.   

Biscuit Brown is not pleased.  lolol.  

  • Hey man you know these DDR Judges! :p (Honestly was a hard call to make in the end!) — D1G1T4L
  • Well, Jelly Bean got himself an absolute gift of a win! — BiscuitBrown
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Crazy_Canuck 10/28/21

Wow! What a final! All I'm gonna say...the EH-team is gonna go cow-tippin tonight!!!

  • Yeahhh Buddy! Well earned! Tip an extra over for D1G1. Looking like he's gonna need all those good graces now! — D1G1T4L
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D1G1T4L 10/28/21

Our Official Final Results will be posted sometime tomorrow! Thanks again to all the Racers N' Chasers who send their rides to Reactor Ridge! I've learned alot in a few short months, we really ended this Season with a bang!

Still have our "Celebration of Champions" Nov. 5-6 a 2 part Season Recap and our 6 lap Race of Champions! 

We will be recieving updates about D1G1T4L and his current condition. Hoping our Loyal host will be alright! 

The Mysterious black cars that invaded our City will answer for their abuses in time! 

Side note: (Any feedback you guys might have for next Season id love to hear it! Working on getting a gimbol and a few nicer cameras before we kick off season 2. I walked into this hoping to share my fun hobby and Story telling with you all... We are only getting started!) Expect Season 2 To premiere in Mid Feburary.. Our First Series will be "The Journey" and Series 2 to run throughout Season 2 "Dirt Devils Championship league" Details to come..) 

If you want a little beed on next years schedule for "Mail-ins"... well... Our next "Mail-in" Will be "Into The Fire" A GT Schorcher exclusive modded mail in... TBA in Feburary when Season 2 kicks off, Set to run in mid april. Go Crazy Boys... No weight limits... has to have a #... Stay true to original body shape... the rest though, all up to you guys! 

Officer Dawkins will be hosting our "Celebration of Champions" We hope to see you there - Dawkins

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Rusty_Rod 10/29/21

That was some great racing,at least I made it to the top 8.I'm looking forward to racing that track again,great track 

  • Hey man! Glad you sent one in, at the end of the day the Track can prove to be a challenge in its own right! I plan to send cars back this week! — D1G1T4L
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Crazy_Canuck 11/4/21

I did a

  • Oh Hellyeah! This is Sick! :) I think ill have a good use for this, in the near future! :) Next Season perhaps! ;) ;) — D1G1T4L

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