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Death Race

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MagicMike 11/9/21

Just saw this. I'll they to get something in by the deadline!

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TexTenn_Racing 11/11/21

70' Chevelle SS "Nebula" driven by J-Rod

64' Chevelle SS "Thunder" driven by Ant Man

Hey folks!  Just wanted to reiterate (or iterate if you haven't heard me say this yet).....the Death Race will almost certainly not start on time as I grossly underestimated how long it would take to complete the House Cup (I scheduled both of these a year ago with I was getting ~40 entries vs. 180).  The tournament WILL happen, and will likely run concurrently with the House Cup at some point.  Thanks!

To follow up on my last message, I will extend the deadline to January 1st

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TexTenn_Racing 11/15/21

No worries! I had already sent mine in by the time you posted this, so I'm sure they will be fine (sitting all alone in the dark...) LOL.


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Mayfield41 11/17/21

Question: may I enter a car that has already competed in the sock hop slam but with weapon mods. DJ lil Pat's T bird was fast

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SpyDude 11/24/21

Bumping the thread.

Single car entry headed out today for SpyDude, Aces High Racing. See you in the rear view, y'all.

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pupulesurfer 11/24/21

IDR - thanks for all the awesome and hard work you put into these races! There is a reason you get so many entries! From the bottom or our hearts, thank you!

  • This can not be said enough! — bubblehead_704
  • thank you guys! i really enjoy putting on the show and appreciate y'all sending in so many great cars! — IndianaDiecastRacing
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Sam_Haul 12/11/21

Team DRT3K shipped out today.  Of course, you realize, this means war...

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DemonPreacher 12/15/21

Compared to all the entries I've seen so far, my car looks like a rolling turd. But, it's my first custom so I can live with that.

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SpyDude 12/15/21

I only sent out one car, but whatthehell, I'm in.

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Numbskull 12/15/21

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  I sure hope my guns don't fall off; nothing would be worse than showing-up for a toy gun fight without your toy guns, that would be embarrassing.

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