D.E.E. Ultimate Diecast Grand Prix Race

Monday, August 1st, 2022
Hosted by Meal Ticket Raceway LLC.
MTRaceway Friday, 6/10/2022

This is the Ultimate Diecast Grand Prix of Drag Race, Efficiency and Endurance (D.E.E) Raceway.
Join Fb Group page: www.facebook.com/groups/1339427139588869/
This tournament breaks down who is the Best out there. It tells you what your strength and your weakness of your diecast vehicle. This is the longest 6 lane gravity track in the world with 4 90 degree turns and 2 180 degree turns and level from top to bottom. Winning here leaves no Doubt that you are the Best out there producing a well balance machine. Racing to Fast, Shy, or to Slow won't make you a Champion. You have to have a Drag Race mentality; your car has to have agility to maintain Efficiency and stay focus to have the Endurance to win it all! Only here on D.E.E. Ultimate Diecast Grand Prix Race


Rules & restrictions

  • Stock and modified entries allowed
  • 79g maximum weight
  • 3.25in. long x 2in. tall x 1.25in. wide
  • Limit 10 entries per household
  • No rules Just win it all.
  • Just don't bring it in dripping.

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host before Aug 1,2022. Racing is scheduled throughout the month. 

How to Enter

$10 a car. Limited 10 car each household. Include at least $7.00 for return shipping if you want your entries back. (Note: If you have more then 1 car will message you on shipping price.) Working in progress, but I'm having commentator Wesley Outland to hype it up for you guys! So he's going to need all who enter to send me answers to these questions.

1. What is your car name?

2. What is your Crew name/Team if you have one?

3. Where are you from/ your background?

4. Rookie or Veteran? 

5. What made you become a Diecast Racer?

6. If you have a rival do tell?

7. What part of the MTRaceway gets you on your toes (what you like about it or etc.)?

8. Do you have a sponsor do tell?

9 Who do you want to give a shoutout too?

10 What do you want to say to your compeditors?

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


Racing will be on the Meal Ticket Raceway. View track profile and specs

4006 Victory Blvd
Suite J - 906
Portsmouth Va. 23701

Race format and scoring

6 lane races. 7 laps. Rotation of car lanes each lap.
Score board
1 Drag Race
2 Efficiency
3 Endurance
Points Bracket for each finish line.
1st. 7 Points
2nd 5 Points
3rd 4 Points
4th 3 Points
5th 2 Points
6th 1 Points
DNF 0 Points


No battery operating cars allow.




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GrumpyCloud 6/10/22

This sounds awesome! I'd love to enter a car.

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Bolo_Brown 6/12/22

You count me in

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PuffsRacing 6/12/22

I definitely send a couple of vehicle.  10 bucks a car? Sounds like fun!

  • Yes indeed. Look up Wesley Outland on youtube. He will be our Commentator. — MTRaceway
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Endcount 6/16/22

I wiould like to send in 2 cars for this event

  • Yes indeed. Share this event and thank you! — MTRaceway

My interest is peaked. I definitely want to try. Just a begginer builder. With next to no budget, VA is a long way from British Columbia. Shipping cost might count me out. Seattle is closeish and cost me $26. Canadian for 2 cars. 

  • Well I do have over 12k of cars join Fb MTR group page. I do have cars and ever kind if wheels to customize it. I can help build one here. But if you win we may have to come with something let me know — MTRaceway
  • I would love to work with you on this option. I will get back to you on some car choice to work with. In the mean time, I will far some of the paper work filled out. — Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill
  • Ok let the fun began. Thanks you — MTRaceway
  • I figured out what cars I would like to entre. The five car set from the 2020 Glow in the dark series. — Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill
  • Paperwork... The Redline Derby race application. I do not have access to down load and print the form. My only access to the internet is my cell phone. I do not have a computer. In fact my good phone, Galaxy S10 recently suffered catastrophic screen failure, so now I am using my old back up S6. I can post as much information as you need here if that will be acceptable. $10 per car entre fee. My best option available is too e-transfer you the funds in the coming weeks. — Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill
  • I am working to answer the 10 questions. Can I send the answers to you via email, or listed here, vs paper letter mail. — Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill
  • If you have fb. You can join MTR Diecast Racing. There you can put in you comments on the 10 questions. — MTRaceway
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Rusty_Rod 6/26/22

Count me in for 1 if you have anymore slots open

  • Slots Unlimited. It's a business now. When I host a race like this I'm tring put the pedal to the Metal. O if you or anyone think of an idea or have questions. About the Raceway. I be glad to answer. Like Mel-D say let light! This Up! — MTRaceway

Ya Baby.  I've been waiting for you to put on a modified race. Love your track and rules.


  • Awesome! Thank you. You don't want to miss entering this Event. Working on prizes before the coming weekend. — MTRaceway
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WallyChamp73 6/28/22

Hi!!!  Can N.J. Drive participate?

I'm in for one car, that track is off the hook!

Almost ready to ship out...

  • Oooo Snap! Some body's going to be last and it's not you! Lol looking good. — MTRaceway
  • thx, will be sending two.... :) — G_ForceRacing
  • Two cars on their way, should be there by Saturday! — G_ForceRacing
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FPD_Racing 7/21/22

Alrighty Dallas. I want in.

  • Lets go! Racing starts next week. I hope to see you there! — MTRaceway
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KandORacing 7/23/22

K & O Racing will send a last minute team on Monday for this. Never seen this posted previously for some reason 

  • Awesome! ok I will put you in the last 6 car race. And thank you very much. — MTRaceway
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