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Dutch_Clutch_Racing Wednesday, 3/6/2024

I ordered a dozen of these mainline Fire Chief Camaros for a custom mod. race at a local track.  Everyone mods to their desire (65 g. max is only rule). We noticed there are different size rear tires - 4 on left are smaller rear tires than the 4 on the right....weird...???


Yeah, That is weird. I think the bigger back wheel variation is the normal one that i've seen.

Must have been made by different factories, and one factory did their job wrong

You should test whether having a bigger rear wheel makes this model faster or not! I'm curious what the answer is

  • Yeah, that is a good point and idea. — LottaSpeedRacing
  • Did a straight blister pull on a large and small rear wheel and ran them 8 times alternating lanes each time. Each car won 4 times and each car won in each lane.....so it seems pretty even. I will try to post timer pictures ....think I have to start a new comment to do that. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Yeah, it's cool how your testing the exact same vehichles and deciding what wheel sizes are better for different reasons. — LottaSpeedRacing

Not a fan of that particular casting, per se... but it does look pretty decent with the larger back tires... what do the chassis and cards say? Anything different?

  • We're using the casting because was able to get a lot of 12 in 1 easy purchase. I haven't dissected the cards information on the backs to see if there is any indication of a variance.....both cars say Malaysia on bottom. I'll dig deeper into the back of the cards tomorrow. Card fronts are identical. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing

Odd. Cool find. But odd.

  • Somehow I didn't get the last picture of race #8 that was won by the big wheel Camaro - resulting in 4 wins each car. Maybe Dr. Dodge can tells us .....but I thought the big rear wheels would be an advantage and it doesn't seem like it with these results. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • curious — dr_dodge
  • Nice data — ConMan_Customs
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Chris_Hood 3/19/24

If you would, please, check the bases of these eight cars for the production code and see if they all match up or if there are differences. It will be the letter followed by two numbers etched into the base and not the raised lettering and logos. Fascinating how matched in wins these two groups of cars turned out to be! 

Haha, someone pulled the wrong lever at the factory for that run of cars! Thanks for the data provided 

  • I cannot find a difference of even 1 single digit or letter between these cars. Even the card backs appear spot on identical. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I was hoping to see a difference on the code etched into the cars themselves, to see if possibly they were different production lots. I do appreciate the efforts!! — Chris_Hood

We ended up with 8 cars customized last night.  I set the rules....1. Max of 65 grams...2. Everything else goes.   The "winner" actually put the Camaro body onto a little radio controlled chassis and had a handheld controller to run it!!!! I did say that everything else goes.  He smoked the gravity fueled cars. Lol.  Didn't even look too out of place - in picture above it is the far left orange car with the black rims & tires.

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