Dimensions of the RLD 3DBotMaker starting gate

redlinederby Monday, 3/14/2016
Site manager

Here are the best measurements I could get for the 3DBotMaker 4-lane starting gate I have installed on the Redline Derby Racing home track. I don't have calipers or anything so this is just ruler measurement, it's not down to the micron or anything.

Please know that this starting gate is made on-demand by the vendor via 3D printing. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that these measurements will be the same for any other version of the starting gate, although I'd have to think they'd be pretty close. I know the retailer is always working to improve his products so some measurements may have changed since I got mine.



  • Depth from drop peg to back: 8.5cm (3.35in)
  • Lane width: 3.5cm (1.38")
  • Lane wall height: .75cm (0.3")
  • Drop peg height: 1cm (0.4")

Perhaps the most notable part of these dimensions is that the lane walls go straight up. They do not angle out like an orange track does. Therefore, if your car has anything that protrudes beyond the lane width, they may rub against the wall if they are lower than the wall height on the car.

Case in point, axle ends. If your car is wide and the axle ends extend beyond the wheel itself, it will probably rub on the starting gate wall and give your car problems.

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