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Hot Wheels Easter Eggs

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The Hot Wheels 55 Panel Van has what appears to be speakers in the very back, along with a couple other items I cannot identify (speaker amps?) closer to the cab. 

The Hot Wheels A-Team Van has third row seating - but of course. I pity the fool who didn't expect that.

The Hot Wheels 70's Van (yes, I like vans) has some cargo in back.

and finally, the mbx Vista Cruiser has - not just 2 dogs - but also some other cargo in the back. Looks like a cooler, a couple of duffel bags, and some other shtuff. 

  • the 70's van is camper stuff. a mini sink, fridge, etc. I cut the doors open and made a diorama for my SIL and painted it like her old van — dr_dodge

My Dodge Viper. Does not say what it is on the bottom, or what year it is, but the sides do.

The latests green Volvo wagon has 2 dogs looking out the back window.

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1_64FVR 3/11/24

Mainline Volvo 240 drift wagon '24 

  • Very cool. I just had to go grab mine to check because I haven't opened it, yet. — LobotomyScam
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Stickdog 4/15/24

My Surf 'n Turf has a Flying V electric guitar on the back seat.

The MBX Chevy Blazer 4x4 has what looks like two swords in the back (might be a little hard to see), and the Pontiac Aztek Custom has a hat and sunglasses in the back.

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sinestro 5/7/24

so i strip down cars and polish them up just for something to do, i found these on the premium bmw m3 (e46), not something i seen on anything else, i'll hit the caliper with a red sharpie before screwing them back together, it sorta pops through the rim depending on what style wheel i put back on, i know this forum is more about going fast and speed rather than brakes... but

oh yea, all the pedals are there too 

  • I have one of those, too. Haven't taken it apart though. One of my favorites! — ManiacMotorsports

Mighty K has a skateboard and spare tire in the back.

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sinestro 5/8/24

just found this today K.I.T.T. has what apears to be a roof consol full of controls, the window peice has a cutout to go around it, but if it were still together its un-noticeable 

This '70 Firebird casting has 'Scum Bum' on the tail panel, which is a reference to Smokey and the Bandit, specifically the edited version of Sheriff Buford T. Justice's go-to epithet 'SUMBITCH!'
What I don't know is why this is on a '70 instead of a '77 casting, which Hot Wheels has two different versions of, or why they didn't put Scum Bum on any of the recolors.

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