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F1 Racer Summer Grand Prix! (FULL) (Only stand by slots)

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Crazy_Canuck 3/28/24

Got a head start on the cars...hope these make the grade...

I'm on for one!

On the way today. 

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Fat_Dad 3/29/24

Can I join? 

  • Thanks Fat Dad! Welcome to the pack! — Clint
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BD_Racing 3/30/24

I'm in for one if there is still room.


  • Thanks BD, I will make a group c if we are over! Send one and welcome to the pack! — Clint
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BD_Racing 3/30/24

Is this casting acceptable?

  • Google Hotwheels F1 Racer - — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Sorry that casting is not acceptable. F1 racer casting only! Thanks! — Clint
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Glp007 3/31/24

I would like 2 spots if available.  Working on the cars now.  #16 and #55 

Greg from G-Pak racing

  • Thanks Greg! Welcome to the pack! — Clint
  • Thanks Clint. 15 not 16. Sorry. Will you be providing one number for the fuselage? — Glp007
  • Hello, I will be providing an ultracal number. If I do not have your number I will let you know. I just wanted the numbers to look uniform as possible. — Clint
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Glp007 3/31/24

The number 15 car.

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LobotomyScam 3/31/24

I want to send a couple to your track? Any room available?

  • Thanks, I opened up another group! Group C you can send 2 and 1 car will be on reserve in case a racer does not show. Welcome to the pack! — Clint
  • OK, so I will paint them and you will put on whatever number(s) you have available? I don't care what number I am, just as long as they are not #3, 7, or 11. — LobotomyScam
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Clint 3/31/24

Pack, I opened up another group in the event. Group C.  Only 2  F1 racers will advance from each group to the grand prix finals! 

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Clint 4/1/24

Getting ready for the pack enjoy!

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Glp007 4/7/24

2 cars ready.  Charles and Carlos will be driving ;)

  • Ahhh Ferrari. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I was just about to make a formal post about naming second drivers in teams. Thanks so much! — Clint

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