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Your favorite type of wheels

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Peter_Bee 8/29/20

I don't care what a wheel looks like, I just want it to be fast.

  • If she ain't pretty, you don't take her to the dance... unless she's fast! — GenX_VintageRacing
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CrazyEights 8/29/20

I like Color Shifter OH5s, 5DOTs, and Gold LWs off of Gold Medal Speed cars.

  • Forgot about this thread. I still like 5dots, but the 10spk on the'08 Evo are nice and recently I was suggested to use Y5s or wifis as that keeps getting stuck in my head. — CrazyEights
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1_of_many 9/4/20

personally liked PC5, 5DOT, and DD8 design.. will be awesome if it comes in alloy..

as for speeding, did some measuring of 850i gold medal speed (w/ LW, UH, 3SP, 5SP).. the UH was the heaviest of them all.. 

In real life and on Hot Wheels, I will always love old fashioned White Walls.

I'm also a fan of anything transparent.

I do race FTEs a lot, but I really enjoy when I find something different that zings.

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GhostRacing 9/8/20

For speed UH, 5DOT, RA6, and SKDisc are my favorites. But I'll use anything if it has potential.

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Rainsford 3/16/21

My favorite wheels right now are the DD8 and the AeroDisc, based solely on looks alone. The DD8's have a clean minimalist sci-fi look that I think goes well with my steampunk builds, and the AeroDiscs are like a modern version of the UltraHots for giving a futuristic vibe. I had a Corvette convertible when I was a kid with UltraHots on it that I played with constantly, so I guess that's why I like the update to the look.

The current Matchbox wheel selections have the look for retro/vintage castings down very well. The only detail missing from the wheels on my Beetle is the VW logo in the center.

  • I do like that Matchbox wheels look like they could be on an actual car. The hubs and caps look sharp. And sometimes, you can get them to be pretty fast. — GenX_VintageRacing
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Kevblokey 3/21/21

So, going with my King of the Hill/Garage series, to date there have been twenty-four overall champions. Going by wheel type alone, the breakdown of champion wins is as follows...

5SP 8 wins, PR5 3 wins, LW,/BLING/TRAP5 2 wins, 3SP/Y5/7SP/J5/FTE/ID/OH5 1 win

Make of that data what you will...


  • Thanks for that. I've been curious about PR5s. — CrazyEights
  • They seem to hold their own in my set up as the records show, but, of course, it has a lot to do with what casting they're on as well — Kevblokey

On my cars I have raced, those with Trap or PR5 wheels seems to be the fastest out of the card. I have a small list below based on my experience on the Top5 fastest wheels out of the card. Doesn't include FTE and Redlines tho

1.PR5/Trap (Depends on the car but they mostly are even) 2.10SP 3.OH5 4.5SP 5.MC5

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EnZedRacing 12/8/21

I'm pretty keen on the Y5s as they seem to be quite easy to modify. They came out on the Kia Stinger and of all the wheels I've "farmed" from that casting, I've never had a noisy or wobbly wheel. They are a decent width as a well so can be used on a variety of cars.

However, after reading all your comments I might branch out a little and try a few others. 

Great topic this :)


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marklt9999 8/16/22


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Numbskull 8/16/22


None of the above.....I love the semi transparent fantasy wheels, whatever color

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