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Your favorite type of wheels

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Peter_Bee 8/29/20

I don't care what a wheel looks like, I just want it to be fast.

  • If she ain't pretty, you don't take her to the dance... unless she's fast! — Kit_Kayem

I like Color Shifter OH5s, 5DOTs, and Gold LWs off of Gold Medal Speed cars.

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1_of_many 9/4/20

personally liked PC5, 5DOT, and DD8 design.. will be awesome if it comes in alloy..

as for speeding, did some measuring of 850i gold medal speed (w/ LW, UH, 3SP, 5SP).. the UH was the heaviest of them all.. 

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Kit_Kayem 9/4/20

In real life and on Hot Wheels, I will always love old fashioned White Walls.

I'm also a fan of anything transparent.

I do race FTEs a lot, but I really enjoy when I find something different that zings.

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GhostDriver 9/8/20

For speed UH, 5DOT, RA6, and SKDisc are my favorites. But I'll use anything if it has potential.

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