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Final Fantasy Fracas

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I've read through the rules and all the comments. Some really cool-crazy-awesome builds!! If you're still excepting entry's, Iron Beard Customs is in!!!

they both weigh 'bout 100 grams each. Classic Vector with wheel swap. M2 mustang with  howheels swspbest.  Best I can do for short notice. Can they qualify? I'm mailing from southern British Columbia Canada.  Hopefully I can get them out in the mail around the 15 of this month and they don't get lost in the Christmas rush.

I don't have a computer or printer to get a paper copy of the registration form for the race info.

Drivers: CanadianSTIG, Vector. // Motcho Man Mike, M2 Mustang.  Racing for Lighting Phoenix Racing.  Home track is Garden Super Speedway Park 

  • Hey bud…as cool as those cars are…this race is for fantasy castings…unfortunately real world cars won’t qualify — Crazy_Canuck
  • yeah, I'd prefer not to have castings based on real cars, sorry! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Right!! Haha!! I missed that part. Fantasy cars!! I have one almost finished and one planned I'll try to get those finished over the weekend. — Garden_Super_Speedway_Park

ICYMI, the old track has been torn down & I've laid out a tentative outline for the new track.

I'm working with Spool Heads on incorporating a couple of his design elements, which is really exciting.

On another note, with 200+ cars (possibly hitting 300 by the end of December!?!?!), what do folks think about doing a modified first round where only the top car in each group is guaranteed to advance, with some sort of wild card competition to determine other advancing cars?

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Fastcar54 12/28/22

Funky Mother Chicken Racing has 6 of our fastest cars yet on the way. Let's make 300, plus!B'Kuk and Good Luck to all!

  • awesome! it'll be tough to make back to back finals for sure, but these look great! — IndianaDiecastRacing
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Numbskull 12/29/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  I do like to wait until the last minute.  15 cars in 3 days.  I work well under the gun, especially when under the Bubble Gun...ner.   Lol.

We just passed 300 entries!?!?!?!

Unfortunately my entries have been returned by the post office in a plastic bag with an "oops" notification. Bent rear wheels on one and the body separated from the frame on the other. 

  • Duuuuude…that sucks… — Crazy_Canuck
  • oh no! if you can get em fixed and shipped back out I'll still take them! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Think I can get them repaired and shipped out in a couple of days. — DemonPreacher

Filming has finally started!

There will definitely be some things that get tweaked on the fly (ie camera angles, lighting, the entire diorama), but I wanted to start getting cars on track!

Round 1

  • Group 1
    • Jackrabbit (TexTenn)
    • Remy12Gauge (Flip's Racing)
    • Kiki (R-Lo Racing)
    • Lonestar (Live Young Die-cast)
  • Group 2
    • Wes Coasin (Miniature Car Racing)
    • Gnarly G (G4 Diecast)
    • The Feels (Big Al's Custom Diecast)
    • Major Robert (Funky Mother Chicken Racing)

  • This--is exciting. — Numbskull
  • I can't wait! This is going to be utter madness! — Big_Al

Coming up in the next video:

Group 3
Geordi LaForge (Junkyard Joust)
Michael Michael Motorcycle (DRT3K)
Twinkie Jake (Puff's Racing)
Milkyway (MQH Racing)

Group 4
Piper Jean (White Knuckle Motoring)
Rocket Panda (Fractal Panda Diecast Racing)
Balphy (Dubious Diecast)
Badger (Indiana Diecast Racing)

  • Sweet can not wait the new track is???????? — MQHracing

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