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For love or money...why are you diecast racing?

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I will never make money doing my Races and I am fine with that. I do it for 2 reasons.  1. I love the fun and challange of the races. I like a lot of you used to do this as a kid with home made tracks. So I love the races But i also love making the videos. My second reason is The Fans ( I Dont have a Lot) I love interacting with the people that watch my videos. and make comments on them. Knowing i entertain anyone makes it so much fun and cool for me. 

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DamDiecast 12/14/21

I currently dont make any money, I love building the cars and seeing them race. I do like the thought  of building customs and selling them at some point, if i could make enough to cover the cost of my addiction, that would be alright.

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