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Forever Track Build Journal

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Plans are almost done, hopefully will start the build in about a week. Might have gone a little over board on the planning, guess I can call it an open source track plan that anyone can build. 

  • Fantastic!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • When I’m done with the plans I’ll post a link to the PDF’s. I didn’t realise when zoomed in it’s hard to read. — NastiNatiRacing

  • Plans are finely done. QR code will get you to them. Below is the link. — NastiNatiRacing
  • Outstanding job dude! Thank you so much for sharing your work. — TuxMcBea
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redlinederby 12/10/18
Site manager

Nicely done and put together. Offering a PDF would be great. 

You definitely got a project ahead of you but over-planning is better than under-planning, trust me. I wish I had thought more about my shelf track. I'm happy with it and it runs great but there's always little things you see later and it's not always easy to go back and fix things.

  • The QR code takes you to the PDF of the plans or the link address which you would have to copy and paste. — NastiNatiRacing

This is the servo starting gate diagram. Now I think I’m finally done with the design. Yahoo! Now I need to find the time to build the thing. 

Christmas is over and have started the build! Should have some pics posted by the weekend. 

This past weekend I finally started to make some cuts! 

I’m making the call...........It’s a perfect fit! 

It’s Alive! 

Couldn’t get the plywood to bend like I needed it to so I got some 1x8 PVC trim that is working better. 

Busted out the line laser to make sure everything it level and straight. Hard parts are done, the rest should go together fairly easily. 

  • Loving the progress and looking forward to your first race!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Dam brother that’s a fine looking build. Awesome work. — 41-14

Finally starting to set it all up. I have made new cuts on each end of vintage Hot Wheels orange track in hopes of doing away with any flaws in the side rails. I’m using 1” washers to help hold the track in place. Both tasks above are a working progress and am not 1000% happy with. Do you guys have any suggestions? 

Have installed more track. Got excited and make a test run, but it didn’t go so well. Very bumpy runs, not sure if it’s the track connections, or the way I’ve mounted the track. Anyway I definitely have some fine tuning to do. 

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