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Formula 1 (2000s Era) Tournament

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Spirit_Of_64 9/15/23

All packed up and ready to head out to Lutsen!  Not every day you see an F1 car being hauled by a van and dolly, eh?

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hpdandy 9/17/23

Just confirming, are racing numbers on the cars required or optional?

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hpdandy 9/17/23

They're pretty much done, just need to confirm if I need to add numbers or not. 

  • Yes please! Quite a few numbers have been taken - 7, 08, 11, 12, 27, 29, 38, 40, 53, 64, 69, 77, 87.. I may be missing a few. But, numbers will make it more authentic! — BossChampionshipRacing
  • nice! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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MrShotgun 9/18/23

In the mail!

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Big_Poppy 9/20/23

Heading your way to the F1 Competition!

Just a heads up for those who haven't submitted their cars yet -> make sure to mail them out this week! I'll start qualifying & filming next Tuesday Oct 3rd. Yes. I now have a timing system for the track. Finishing the install this week! It'll be a really nice addition. 

Also, if I receive 24 cars in total, the tournament will change to a 24 car tournament. Top 8 in qualifying will skip round 1 and move directly into round 2. It'd make things a bit more interesting!

So excited for this tournament! I built the track and started the channel for these types of tournaments. It's going to be epic. Let me know if you have any questions and let's get a few more cars into the tournament!

Top 12 move on to the 2nd round. Bottom 8 will move into 2 groups of 4. Top 2 of each group move on to the 2nd round. Tournament bracket seeding is based on final qualifying time as seen above! If you qualified 1st, your seed is #1. Racing starts this week!  

Round of 16! (number before driver = qualifying position)

Group 1 --> 1. Mr.Shotgun #7 | 8. Puff/Puffs Racing | 9. Tomi Yoshi/BCR Team | 17. Mayday Foyt/Big Poppy Racing

Group 2 --> 4. Endcount/Chase Family | 5. Marco/Polo Racing | 12. Numbskull #87 | 13. Mr.Shotgun #31

Group 3 --> 2. R-LO/RLO Racing | 7. Indie Rayne/The "Eh" Team | 10. Misty/Puffs Racing | 19. J-Man/3 Ravens Racing

Group 4 --> 3. Speedball Herman/GTR | 6. Scott/Turner Racing | 11. Olivia Mae/3 Ravens Racing | 14. Major Finish/Big Poppy Racing 

Here's a quick rundown of the final 8 drivers and the ranking system. The top 4 are the winners from each group of Round 2, ranked by points scored, the tiebreaker is settled by the best Qualifying time. Positions 5-8 are the 2nd-place finishers of each Group. The same rules apply. *If there were any sudden death races, the extra point does not count toward the overall points (the only intention was to settle the final position order).

So, after all of that, here are the GROUPS for Round 3 (Semi-Final Round) ->

Group 1 - 1. Scott (Turner Racing) 4. Marco Polo (Polo Racing) 5. RLO (R-LO Racing) 8. Major Finish (Big Poppy Racing)

Group 2 - 2. Indie Rayne (The "Eh" Team) 3. Mr. Shotgun #7 (Mr. Shotgun Racing) 6. Tomi Yoshi (Boss Championship Racing Team) 7. Numbskull #87 (Numbskull Racing)

Top 2 of each group will move on to the Final Round. Best of luck everybody!

It's been a great tournament! Finals this week! Just want to say thank you to everyone who mailed in their car(s). Learned a lot with this tournament and I'm excited to continue making tweaks to the track and the format. And FYI I'll be mailing cars back after Christmas. -Nils

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