Formula $pecial - F1 Inspired Diecast Racing League (FULL)

Thursday, July 1st, 2021
Hosted by Canadian Driving Club | Marcus Firegone
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MarcusFiregone Sunday, 5/2/2021

This is F1 Inspired Diecast Racing. I'm planning on a 12 car grid to be run on multiple tracks. This Event Season will not be cheap. The castings we are looking for are very collectible. We are going to give generous tips to the tracks that we run on for their effort and so they can enhance their tracks. Teams will also be chipping in to cover the mailing cost between race events, track usage, and for prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for the season.  Fortunately we have a bunch of Sponsors who have helped to bring the costs down.

I'm volunteering my time and effort to organize this event, and will be chipping in money as well. I welcome others who would like to help out in any way or by simply providing advice. We need tracks that can handle 6 cars at a time and open wheel cars at that.  The tracks also need to have a timing system for qualifying.  These ideally would be two lane starting gates with open downhill track. We are also open to considering applications to participate in this Event Season. You must agree to mail-in an appropriate and approved casting for your Team, and contribute the money required to run this event as outlined.

Not for the weak of heart, this is for serious 1:64 scale Diecast F1 Racers who are looking to have some serious fun.

Thanks for the support.  We ended up with 18 Teams/Cars and were able to reduce the entry fees considerably with sponsorship from Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin, Glenn Harding, and Florence Turgeon.  I will be running the first event on my own track so that I can demonstrate the new Grid Formation Tournament rules and we have partnered with Shredder Speedway and MnM Diecast Racing for the other two venues.  I can't wait, this is going to be blast.  Start your engines!!!

Rules & restrictions

  • Casting:  Pre-approved Castings only (See below)
  • Casting must remain intact:  Include Driver, no visible weights, original casting design
  • Like F1, Rules may evolve over time
  • 1 Team Owner, plus a minimum of 1 Driver & Car
  • No restrictions on Wheels, Axles or Weights (Black/Gray Wheels, i.e.: NOT clear or orange)
  • Car numbers required BUT they do NOT have to be unique
  • Dry lube only


Here are the four approved castings:  Hot Wheels Thuderstreak (not the one with the low rear wing), Hot Wheels 500, Hot Wheels Indy 500 Oval, and Hot Wheels Turbo Streak.  See pictures for specific castings.  Searching for these castings may include different names.  If you have a car you believe would fit into this look & feel, contact Marcus Firegone for approval before getting your car ready but please lets try to stick to these castings.

Hot Wheels Thunderstreak Casting (base weight = 35g)

Hot Wheels 500 (base weight = 35.5g)

Hot Wheels Indy 500 Oval (base weight = 30g)

Hot Wheels Turbo Streak (base weight = 36g)

I ask that people stick to these four castings.  If you have a particular casting that you really really want to run, contact me for approval.  I have approved a Corgi Juniors "Formula 1 Racer" for one of the Teams who prefer to run something other than Hot Wheels.

Dates & Deadlines

All entries must be received at the Grand Prix of Ontario before Wednesday, 6/30/2021 (June).  You must Register for a spot on the grid no later than May 31st (while openings last).

  • July - Grand Prix of Ontario (Qualifying: Sat. July 31, Race Day: Sun Aug 1)
  • August - Grand Prix of Illinois 
  • September - Grand Prix of South Dakota

Race events will be posted by the Host Track on YouTube.  A link will also be provided in the comments section for all Race Events for the Season.

How to enter

You must apply to be considered.  Contact the tournament host with your request to join this event no later than May 31st.  Once approved you will be given the shipping address for your entry.

Thanks to our Sponsors, this event is now $10US per Driver.  Each Sponsors contribution has lowered the entry cost of this event.

  • Carroll Shelby Day at the Grand Prix of Ontario - by Marcus Firegone
  • Winner gets Orginal Artwork of their winning car - by Glenn Harding
  • All Prizes (1st, 2nd & 3rd) - by Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin
  • Ontario Real Estate Services - by Florence Turgeon

The original per-driver cost of this event was $25.00US

Register your Team Name, Team Owner, and Driver's Name

(See Prizes & Accounting at the bottom for more details regarding dispersment of money)

Limited to 1 Driver per Team

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


We have three Tracks lined up for this event that can handle Timed Qualifying Sessions, Open Wheeled Cars, and 6 Cars at a time (2 lanes, 3 cars deep).

Track 1:  Grand Prix of Ontario - Snow Valley East (Hosted by: Snow Valley Diecast Racing)

Track 2:  Grand Prix of Illinois - Shredder Speedway (Hosted by: Cheap Thrills Racing) 

Track 3:  Grand Prix of South Dakota - BlackHills Speedway (Hosted by: MnM Diecast Racing)

Sponsored Events

It's Carroll Shelby Day at the Grand Prix of Ontario - Snow Valley East, including a Canadian Snowbirds performance.  Honouring the Legend, American automotive designer, racing driver, and entrepreneur.  Feel free to include something Carroll Shelby related for this event.  This donation has been made in the name of Carroll Shelby by Marcus Firegone.

The winner of this years inaugural event will receive an Original Artwork by Glenn Harding of their winning car.  Glenn's artwork is truely iconic to the Diecast Racing world.  This donation has been made by Glenn's Car Ceations.

Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin has generously donated prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers for this Race Season.  Get your Track Accessories at Merch by MeekinThis donation has been made by Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin.

Go with Flo for your buying, selling and investing real estate needs.  Florence covers Barrie, Alliston, Orillia and surrounding areas.  Florence's donation has helped to reduce the entry fee for this event.  This donation has been made by Florence Turgeon.

Race format and scoring

Starting positions for each track are determined based on qualifying times for each participating track.  At each track, each car gets two timed runs down the track.  The best time is used to determine the starting grid positions (in the event of a tie, the second qualifying time is used as the tie breaker).  This will be a filmed pre-race event released on YouTube prior to the actual race event on that track.

There are 12 starting positions, P1 to P12.  The quickest qualifying time gets P1, 2nd quickets P2, and on down the line to P12.

There are 2x 6 Car Packs, the Lead Pack (positions P1 to P6) and the Last Pack (positions P7 to P12).  On the race day the Lead Pack is run 1st.  The cars are then placed back on the grid with the 1st car to finished in P1 and the second car in P2 and on down to P6.  This requires keeping track of the finishing positions.  If a car DNFs it is removed from the Lead Pack and set aside.  Cars that DNFed on their wheels in a Spin-out Group and cars that when off track or flipped over in a Crash Group. 

The Last Pack of Cars is run after the Lead Pack is run.  Place those cars in order of how they finished (P7 to P12).  Again, set aside cars that DNFed in groups of Spun-out & Crashed.  Now, if their is an open spot in the Lead Pack (due to a Spin-out or Crash in the Lead Pack) shift the cars over from the Last Pack to the Lead Pack starting with P7 until the Lead Lap is filled up.  In this way, cars can move up their position.  Now place the DNF cars that Spun-out in the order in which they Spun-out at the back of the Last Pack.  Then add any cars that Crashed at the very back of the Last Pack.  Any cars that DNFed (Crashed) in the Last Pack are removed from the Race and given a DNF for the Event.


This could be expanded to a 18 car field by including a Middle Pack for 3 groups of 6 cars each and infact that is what we have done.

So now we have a Lead Pack, 2nd Pack, and Last Pack of 6 teams/cars each.  This makes up a full grid of 18 cars.  There will be 5 Laps.  We run the Lead Pack followed by the 2nd Pack and Last Pack. 

Cars from the Lead Pack that finish the lap are placed in order of finish from P1 to P6.  If a car DNFs on track on its wheels it is set aside in a Spin-out queue.  These cars are arranged from closest to the finish line to farthest away from the finish line.  If a car goes off track or flips over it is set asside in the Crash queue.  Again, from closest to the finish line to farthest away from the finish line.  Note that cars that crash are recorded with an "X" to indicate that it has crashed.  Cars that crash twice during a race are eliminated from that race (but will continue on as normal at the next race venue). 

Cars from the 2nd Pack that finish the lap are placed in order of finish from P7 to P12.  If a car DNFs on track on its wheels it is set aside in a Spin-out queue behind any cars that Spun-out from the Lead Pack.  If a car goes off track or flips over it is set asside in the Crash queue behind any cars that Crashed from the Lead Pack.

Cars from the Last Pack that finsih the lap are placed in order of finish from P13 to P18. If a car DNFs on track on its wheels it is set aside in a Spin-out queue behind any cars that Spun-out from the Lead Pack & 2nd Pack. If a car goes off track or flips over it is set asside in the Crash queue behind any cars that Crashed from the Lead Pack & 2nd Pack.

Now for the cars that finished there will be gaps in the Grid from P1 to P18 if any cars DNFed or Crashed and are now sitting in the Spin-out and/or Crash queues.  Move the cars forward in the Grid to fill in these gaps.  If there are spaces available in the Lead Pack "promote" cars forward from the 2nd Pack starting with the P7 possition until the Lead Pack is full from P1 to P6.  This is the way that teams/cars can advance up the Grid.  Any cars left in the 2nd Pack are arranged from P7 to P12.  Now, if there are spaces available in the 2nd Pack "promote" cars forward from the Last  Pack starting with the P13 possition until the 2nd Pack is full from P7 to P12 (or there are no cars left in the Last Pack).  Any cars left in the Last Pack are arranged from P13 to P18.

Now if any cars DNFed or Crashed you will have open spaces at the back of the Grid (in the Last Pack, or the entire Last Pack, or even some in the 2nd Pack as well ... depending on how many cars DNFed or Crashed out of the Lead Pack, 2nd Pack & Last Pack during the lap).  Starting with the first car in the Spin-out queue, add it the first available space on the Grid (from highest to lowest position).  Do so for each car in the Spin-out queue in order from first to Spin-out to last to Spin-out.  Now do the same for he Crashed cars (check for cars that have now crashed for the second time, cars that crash twice during a race are eliminated from that race and are NOT placed back on the Grid).  Start with the first car in the Crash queue by placing it in the first available space on the Grid.  Unless you have cars that have crashed twice and eliminated from the race, you will now have a full grid of 18 cars again and are ready for the next lap.

Repeat the runs for Lead Pack, 2nd Pack, and Last Pack until all 5 laps are complete.  The top 10 cars (P1 to P10) at the end of the 5th Lap earn points.  The car with the fastest lap time earns 1 additional point (only if that car also finishes in the top 10), and the car that Qualified for Pole (P1) at the start of the race earns an extra 2 points.

Fastest Lap:  Record each Lap time for the Lead Pack, 2nd Pack, and Last Pack for each Lap and mark that time down next to the car that crossed the finish line first for each of those Packs/Laps.  Likey it will be the Lead Pack that has the best times.  Times are not recorded for cars that cross the finish line after the lead car as their times would be slower anyway.  Whoever gets the fastest time during the event is the one that gets the extra point.  If times are not available, no bonus is given.

Each Track Event:

  • 1st - 25 points
  • 2nd - 18 points
  • 3rd - 15 points
  • 4th - 12 points
  • 5th - 10 points
  • 6th - 8 points
  • 7th - 6 points
  • 8th - 4 points
  • 9th - 2 points
  • 10th - 1 point
  • DNF - 0 points

Plus points awarded for Pole Position at the start of each race and for the Fast Lap during the race.  1 Extra point for Fastest Lap (if finish in the top 10) and 2 Points for Pole Position.  Pole Position is not part of the official F1 rules ... but we are adding it for now.


If a car fails to meet any of the restrictions listed above, the car will not qualify for victory. Offending cars will still race. Finish position and any prize will go to the runner-up in the case of the penalty car winning.

Cars that fail to run or fit on the track, or that happen to break during racing, will forfeit their matches. Cars that arrive broken will attempt to be minimally repaired before the racing begins. Cars that break during racing will not be repaired or replaced.


Winner gets their car drawn by Glenn Harding!!!

Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd provided by Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin.

4th to 11th Place finishers get to participate in our Ford GT40 Driver's Challenge - Carroll Shelby Day Event.

The Money collect goes toward mailing cost between events, Amazon Gift Cards to Track Owners (for all the time and effort that they put into hosting the event) and Prizes (see Accounting for details).  Entry fees have been reduced from $25 per car based on Sponsorship.  Thanks to the Sponsors:  Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin, Glenn Harding & Marcus Firegone


Collecting:  $10 per Driver = $120,  Sponsors = $285

Mailing from track to track for 3 tracks = 3x $35 (estimate) = $105

Amazon Gift Card to Track Host Owners: 2x $50 = $100 (Only the host tracks, not mine)

Prizes worth over $200

Total:  $120 + $285 - $105 - $100 - $200 = 0

If you want your car mailed back to you at the end you will need to pay for the postage.

  • Note:  All money is quoted USD
  • Note:  All amounts are based on a full 12 Driver grid
  • Note:  All amounts are based on 3 Host Tracks

"If you ever dreamed of managing your very own F1 Team or racing in a prestigious Grand Prix, this is your chance. Winning a Grand Prix is like being the King of the World." - Marcus Firegone




Grand Prix of Ontario - Qualifying - July 31st

Grand Prix of Ontario - Race Day - August 1st

Grand Prix of Illinois - Qualifying - August 28th

Grand Prix of Illinois - Race Day - August 29th

Grand Prix of South Dakota - Qualifying - September 18th ...

Grand Prix of South Dakota - Race Day - September 19th ...

Race Results


I'm watching this and very interested in sending in a car if I make it in time on sign up day 

  • Thanks for the interest. Feel free to DM me. — MarcusFiregone
  • I marked you down for now (spot 7). Although the Casting and final Track is not finalized yet, this may fill up fast — MarcusFiregone
  • I DM’d you for my spot I’m the one in 6th — PikeHillSpeedway


1)  Team:  Snow Valley Racing, Owner:  Marcus Firegone, Driver:  Snake  [ARRIVED/PAID]

2)  Team:  Eyes Up Racing, Owner:  Zac Carroll, Driver:  Igor Baron  [ARRIVED/PAID]

3)  Team:  WeRaceDiecast,  Driver:  Glenn Harding

4)  Team:  The Eh-Team, Owner:  White Nuckle Motoring Speed Shop, Driver:  Adam "Crazy Canuck" Hutchings  [ARRIVED/PAID]

5)  Team:  U_U, Driver:  Blake  [ARRIVED/PAID]

6)  Team:  Down Squad Racing, Owner:  Shan BR, Driver: Gus BR

7)  Team:  Crummy Racing, Owner:  AJ Crum, Driver:  Anastasia Crum (Crum-Bumbett)

8)  Team:  RLoRacing, Owner:  Ryan L., Driver:  R-Lo

9)  Team:  Gen-X Vintage Racing, Owner:  Kit Kayem, Driver:  Cole Williams 

10)  Team:  NRV Diecast, Owner:  Biff Kirby Sr, Driver:  Jellybean  [ARRIVED/PAID]

11)  Team:  MnM Racing League, Owner:  Markista, Driver:  Jon Samuel

12) Team:  Code 3 Motorsports, Owner:  Shaun DeLong, Driver:  Chief

13)  Team:  Uncle Elvis Racing, Owner:  Uncle Elvis, Driver:  Jimmy Tanto

14)  Team:  DamFast Racing, Owner:  DamDiecast, Driver:  MotorBreath  [ARRIVED/PAID]

15)  Team:  RoadRage Racing, Driver:  Miss Emily  [ARRIVED/PAID]

16)  Team:  Peanut Butter Peak Racing, Owner:  Justin Bolen, Driver:  Wesley

17)  Team:  Variat Skunkworks, Driver:  Lara Ray  [ARRIVED/PAID]

18)  Team:  KCLH Racing, Owner:  Alex Payne, Driver:  Ava Lynn Payne  [ARRIVED/PAID]


XX)  Fathandracin


1)  Grand Prix of Ontario - Snow Valley East (Hosted by: Snow Valley Diecast Racing)

2)  Grand Prix of Illinois - Shredder Speedway (Hosted by: Cheap Thrills Racing)

3)  Grand Prix of South Dakota - BlackHills Speedway (Hosted by: MNM Diecast Racing) 

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Crumbum_2 5/7/21

Hi how do I pay my $4 fee to lock me in. Also a little bit confused on total cost for season what does the total come to

  • $4.00US to Confirm your registration, $9.60US once your car arrives and passes inspection. I'm trying to lower that second fee with more sponsors but would only be by a $1 or two. If you can't afford or think it is too much, anyone can DM me and we can workout some sponsorship for your Team. I hope that helps. — MarcusFiregone
  • If you are on this list of current drivers, I will be reaching out to you for payment. If you are not on the list above, let me know and I will tentatively add you now and work out details later. — MarcusFiregone
  • New Sponsor confirmed ... Will update the Event soon ... but reduces entrance fee to $10US (one-time payment). — MarcusFiregone
  • I'm aj crum on list can pay when ever I have info thanks for all your hard work on this cool series — Crumbum_2
  • Awesome ... I will be in touch — MarcusFiregone
  • I was on the list but now not seeing my name my team is crummy racing owner is aj crum and driver is anastasia crum (crum-bumbett) — Crumbum_2
  • Sorry, fixed it — MarcusFiregone

Welcome Formula $pecial Teams!  Please introduce your Team here by responding to this comment.

  • Let me kick it off, I'm Marcus Firegone, Team owner of Snow Valley Racing. I've got my Son, Snake, driving for me in this event. This will be the first time Snake jumps into the seat of car like this. Snake organizes the local Street Racing down here in Snow Valley with his Nissan Skyline. As you know, I'm also the Formula Special Race Organizer, Host to the first Formula Special race event and CEO of the Canadian Driving Club who operates Snow Valley Diecast Cast Racing with a vast collection of cars. I'm also the organizer of the yearly Cannonball, the Firegone FIREBALL. Look forward to see everyone trackside! — MarcusFiregone
  • I'm A.J. Crum (Crum-bum) owner of Crummy racing. My daughter will be driving our crummy indy car lol. Anastasia crum (crum-bumbett) is her name and driving fast is her game. This is her first race and mine as a team owner. Looking for some great racing and fun. Thank you starting this series and thank you to all track hosts as well as sponsors. — Crumbum_2
  • I'm Kit Kayem, Team owner for Gen-X VIntage Racing. Cole WIlliams is driving for us in this race. He's our #3 driver in the ADRC, but open wheel is his specialty, so it's only natural that he's at the wheel on this one. Cole got his racing life started on the iced-over lakes of Northern MN, where fellas would plow the snow off to make an oval and race their parent's cars as recklessly as possible. He also put some time in at the County Fair's demolition derby. He loves racing Go-Karts for fun. And he makes an annual pilgrimage to Indianapolis for the Indy 500 to be where the action is. Despite being in the grandstand in 1982 when Gordon Smiley's car exploded at the Brick Yard, Cole was determined to race open wheel cars at an elite level. He's thrilled to be part of this series. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Hey Fellas! Adam “Crazy Canuck” Hutchings here: owner of the White Nuckle Motoring Speed Shop and Team Principal of “The EH-Team: Canadian Diecast Racing Collective”. 2021 is our team and our Shops rookie campaign and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have this opportunity to compete in the Formula Special. I will be the driver for this series as racing is in my blood. From a young age my father would take me to the Indy Car races in Toronto every summer to watch the likes of Paul Tracy, Greg Moore, Alex Tagliani, Michael Andretti, and all the other amazing drivers of Cart/ be able to follow in their shoes (however scaled) is pretty exciting. I’ve got high hopes for this car as everything the shop has learned to date will be going into building this car. Good luck to all the other racers and let’s leave it all out on the track. Cheers — Crazy_Canuck
  • Hello. My Name is D.A.Mikels, owner at DamDiecast. I am happy to present DamFast Racing and our rookie driver MotorBreath. I was born MAY 22nd in Indianapolis, Indiana, just 5 miles from the Greatest Spectacle on earth, THE INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY, my mother said at the moment I was born ,all you could hear was the hum of INDY car engines and me screaming, so you could say I've been a race fan since I was born. I am proud to be a part of the Diecast racing community and honored to be included in this event. Thank you and Good Luck to all. — DamDiecast
  • Biff Kirby Sr here! I would like to start by thanking everyone involved for all of the hard work and dedication for putting on a race like this…. It’s not easy! I have always loved racing… I have worked on Matt Hagan’s Pro Mod and Funny Car team…. You can find me on Instagram at NrvDiecast. I’m also a member of Commotion Diecast. We take pride in our track as well as our cars we build. Commotion Diecast just started a new line of racing cars. If you or someone else you know doesn’t have time to build a competitive scale race car we have you covered… 44 total cars this first run and we are almost sold out. You can find those cars for sale on the Commotion Diecast Facebook page or message me on Instagram at NrvDiecast… 1/64 scale racing is on the rise and we plan on staying ahead of the curve… I want to wish everyone involved good luck and great racing…. Let your cars be fast and your stay on all 4 wheels ???????? — BiffsPlace
  • Hello there, I'm Blake, co-founder and co-owner of the Underdogs_Unleashed, U_U for short. We're just starting our racing crew, and are somewhat on a budget for now. So we found that 70's formula for cheap, it was in a lame condition, but we bringed it back from the dead and ready to prove the world you don't need fancy technological car or have to spend millions to be competitive. A good mechanic and a fearless pilot is all you need. This is our first ever diecast race on a professional level, and yes, we are the underdogs... But we're unleashed and ready to make a name for ourselves! — MarcusFiregone
  • Hi it's Mark from Variat Skunkworks. Variat Skunkworks was formed in late 2020 with the collaboration of both Nasa and the Soviet Space Agency, to compete on the expanding world Diecast Racing Stage. Or... it could [be] a way for a Dad to keep sane, while having to stay and work from home for the past 2 years. Either way, Variat is here to stay. I can't state enough my appreciation for people like Marcus who put on these events. I love the friendly competition and the challenge of the builds. I just need to get [up] to speed on my social media skills. BTW the word Variat is Polish for "crazy person". — MarcusFiregone
  • Sorry I am late to the party here. My name is Alex Payne and I am the co-owner (my lovely wife Rose is the other co-owner), and one of the drivers, of KCLH Racing. Ava Lynn Payne is the newest driver to the KCLH crew and this is her first event with us. She has the support of the rest of the crew and we are confident it her driving for us. We started our racing journey in the high desert of southern Idaho. We are excited for this chance to get into Formula racing. I personally enjoyed watching racing, and would sit down with my late mother watching either Formula One or NASCAR. We wish all the drivers the best of luck in this series, and we hope that everyone completes and comes out of this event safe. — KCLH_Racing

OFFICIAL - Formula Diecast Racing League (replacing the Formula $pecial Governing Group)

Team Owners can respond to this comment if they have any questions, issues, or compaints to raise about the Formula $pecial Season and Events.

Also, the FDRL will represent a governing body, a League, for the Formula Diecast Racing sport.  Formula $pecial (F$) is the series that we run here but I hope to partner with other F1 Inspired Diecast Racing Events to have the winners of each compete for the overall championship title.

This is for fun and to bring a F1 feel to the event.  Complaints will be taken in a joking manner here.  If you do have a serious issue or complaint, please don't hesitate to DM Marcus Firegone.  For other Formula 1 Inspired Diecast Racing Events, please reach out and contact the FDRL/Marcus Firegone for how we can collaborate.

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BiffsPlace 5/13/21

She's Ready!????

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Crazy_Canuck 5/18/21

Loading up the trailer in the next couple of days...the EH-Team is ready...

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