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Build Journal: Fraser Ridge Raceway Track

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Rusty 6/20/20

Excellent build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Rusty, much appreciated. — Javajim
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Javajim 6/21/20

Fraser Ridge Gets A touch of Thunderbirds.

All Gerry Anderson productions had great action over the top sound and fantastic models and special effects. So while testing my track for 4 car racing I put together this little Gerry Anderson Thunderbird Special

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Javajim 6/28/20

All change on Fraser Ridge Raceway. After testing all types of cars down the track, I'm happy with the overall configuration of the track with the approaches in and out of the corners settled. It was time to seal and paint the Styrofoam structure.. having put the base coats and a few washes here and there I have started to work on some of the finer detail like the retaining wall on the top section and the entrance and exit to the tunnel section. Still got a lot to do, but generally i am happy with the progress to date.

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Rusty 6/28/20

Looking good!!

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Javajim 6/29/20

Fraser Ridge Raceway gets some additional detail in the form of 3 team garages so that all the competitotors can prepare their team cars before and during a racing event. 

  • Are the garages built into the side of the mountain? — Blipside
  • Hi Blipside, no they are three individual garages and at the moment they are just sitting on a flat part of the layout at the final turn just above the finishing straight. — Javajim
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Javajim 7/4/20

It's some of the smaller things that make the difference. One of the garages on Fraser Ridge gets some additional toolboxes, workbench, jack, hoist, rack, cupboard and car lifts.

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Javajim 7/6/20

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