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Build Journal: Fraser Ridge Raceway Track

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Rusty 6/20/20

Excellent build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Rusty, much appreciated. — Javajim
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Javajim 6/21/20

Fraser Ridge Gets A touch of Thunderbirds.

All Gerry Anderson productions had great action over the top sound and fantastic models and special effects. So while testing my track for 4 car racing I put together this little Gerry Anderson Thunderbird Special

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Javajim 6/28/20

All change on Fraser Ridge Raceway. After testing all types of cars down the track, I'm happy with the overall configuration of the track with the approaches in and out of the corners settled. It was time to seal and paint the Styrofoam structure.. having put the base coats and a few washes here and there I have started to work on some of the finer detail like the retaining wall on the top section and the entrance and exit to the tunnel section. Still got a lot to do, but generally i am happy with the progress to date.

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Rusty 6/28/20

Looking good!!

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Javajim 6/29/20

Fraser Ridge Raceway gets some additional detail in the form of 3 team garages so that all the competitotors can prepare their team cars before and during a racing event. 

  • Are the garages built into the side of the mountain? — Blipside
  • Hi Blipside, no they are three individual garages and at the moment they are just sitting on a flat part of the layout at the final turn just above the finishing straight. — Javajim
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Javajim 7/4/20

It's some of the smaller things that make the difference. One of the garages on Fraser Ridge gets some additional toolboxes, workbench, jack, hoist, rack, cupboard and car lifts.

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Javajim 7/6/20

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Javajim 7/12/20

Planting out of trees and bushes further up the peak of Fraser Ridge.

Fraser Ridge Raceway signage installed.

Shell advertising boards leveled off. Planting of trees and bushes around tunnel exit.

Planting started below and around the Fraser Ridge Raceway signage.

  • Just amazing! — Blipside
  • Thanks again blip side for your continual support, very much appreciated — Javajim
  • Looks great. You can bring the rock to life with washes of diluted acrylic paint. — HughWrektit
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Javajim 7/18/20

Making pine trees from coconut fiber from hanging basket liners, some bamboo skewers, spray glue, spray paint and coarse flock.

  • That is a great idea for the trees. I may be using that in the future. — Blipside
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Javajim 7/19/20

A day away from making trees and turn my attention to making advertising boards. Tools of choice, photo paper, cardstock, spray adhesive, plastic chopsticks and hot glue gun.

Created this vintage type welcome poster for Fraser Ridge.

Made up some signs from other tracks that have influenced Fraser Ridge.

Had to make some for my own channel and Fraser Ridge itself

DSPN is the official TV news channel for Fraser Ridge

Some additional advertising boards

Had to make a few for the company I am working with in Indonesia 

Safety First, got to make sure the drivers are aware they are entering very sharp corners.

Some signage for the Welcome to Fraser Ridge

Erecting the signs

More sign erecting

And more

The small town of Fraser Ridge starting to appearThis will be the Fraser Ridge Raceway VIP Club with the open terrace for observing the racing.

  • Very, very nice! What...Redline Derby doesn't get a billboard? :( — redlinederby
  • For sure Redline will get a Billboard, send me the logo and I will display it with pride. — Javajim
  • For sure Redline will get a Billboard, send me the logo and I will display it with pride. — Javajim
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Javajim 7/25/20

More signage erected on Fraser Ridge this morning none other than Redline Derby  Racing League and 3D Botmaker. Special placing for these signs as they have had a very strong influence on the creation of Fraser Ridge.

Pride of place for these two signs next to Welcome to Fraser Ridge and the Fraser Ridge Logo

Also as one of the track side advertising boards

The last one in the center of the home straight below Main Street of Fraser Ridge.

  • First class!!! — Rusty
  • Thanks again Rusty for the continued support and encouragement, good to know you are following the progress of Fraser Ridge. I really appreciate it mate ???????????? — Javajim
  • Your track is looking amazing. I got a notification this morning, so came to look at updates. I scrolled to the end to work my way back up & had to scroll almost all the back up. You added sos many great pictures. — Blipside
  • Thanks Blipside, for taking an interest on the building and progress of Fraser Ridge. It gives great encouragement to me to know that so many in our diecast community are watching it’s progress — Javajim

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