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CraigsterSr 11/28/23

I'd like a spot if it's not too late! I'll send an email as well, but I can send two cars. Thank You! Craig

  • Hello Craig, It s not too late but if you agree with the rules, thank you for sending your cars quickly. Send me an email to finalize your participation! See you soon on our track!! — Lespassionsdejoffrey
  • — Lespassionsdejoffrey
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G_ForceRacing 12/14/23

My car is on the way! Only got one going... hope she gets there in time!! (Big thaks to Schotty for helping make this happen!!)

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Numbskull 12/27/23

On the way.

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Outrun 12/31/23

Way over the alps!

  • My new Diecast nemesis… Lol, just basing this on your background and name. Cool to see someone going for the same thing though — RLoRacing
  • Lol! It's just lack of time XD I'm a total newbie, riding stock cars... — Outrun
  • Whoua ! ???????? did you send them? — Lespassionsdejoffrey
  • Yep, you should received my datsun and corvette. The other ones in picture are some family jewels. — Outrun
  • Ok cool! — Lespassionsdejoffrey

first of all, I wish each of you and for all the people you love a very happy new year 2024!!
I wanted to thank you for being so numerous to participate in this tournament!! the very last cars have arrived very soon!! the random draw will be done during the week and I think I will have a lot of work to get through the group 1 qualifiers!! but now, a brief chat and as we say in France: C'est parti min TITI!! (here we go my TITI!!)
See you soon on our track!! ????????????????

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