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Good old fashion diecast drag racing...where have you gone?

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Super interesting conversation here. I appreciate the wide array of diecast racing and related events to watch. Whern I first discovered this diecast racing world, I didn't get bitten by the bug to modify cars, I was immediately interested in making a track, and then pretty quickly learning how to produce video content. I'm definitely of the sort that watches just because it's fun, I love the diorama work, and i love anything that involves racing. When it comes to my own videos, I make what I want to watch. I'm a storyteller, and I'm a fairly goofy, silly dude and I think my videos reflect that. I'm amazed and appreciative of the people that seem to like watching them! 

I agree that I'm always underestimating how much time it will take. But i do it on my own schedule, and I don't take anything too seriously including self-imposed deadlines. It might not be the way to keep viewers, but I do this for fun, and as long as it stays fun and doesn't feel like work, I'll keep doing it. The whole thing is more or less improvised, I just let the original racing or crashing action drive how the video will go, and keep trying to learn and have fun, and make something different, something I'll enjoy watching.

I do have plans to start a no-narration simple drag racing series as well, but it's just finding the time that's the issue there. Time.

Happy Friday!

I'm with RLD, I am interested to see what the diecast racing landscape will be like when the pandemic ends or reduces. Although, I find it interesting how so many took to the hobby, I also find it overwhelming at times. There's soooo much to watch!

 As far as the drag racing goes(Thanks to GhostDriver for the Shout Out), after building and running an open, multiple turn track, I have to say I'm happy to be back to the simplicity of the drag track(I wish I had room for a longer track... but take what you can get, right?). I have been a drag racing fan since I was a kid, so it's not too surprising that I have more fun with the straighline drags.

I do believe that the diecast drag tracks are a dying breed, which is sad and also interesting, given the availablity of orange track vs Fat Track/Crash Racers/Magtrack/Etc.

I feel as though the "fun" of "good old fashion" diecast racing is diminishing. Anymore, it almost feels as though it's about the graphics, diaramas, landscaping, lighting and so forth, than it is about just having fun. I do believe that anyone with a YouTube channel presenting videos should take pride in the product they present and should present an organized, well layed out track setup, but I also don't think it's nessacery to create life like scenery and spend hours and hours editing. Don't take me wrong... I think that if a person has the time, first and foremost, and the ability and the motivation to pull all this together.. GO FOR IT! When time allows me to, I enjoy watching the final product of someone's hard work.. in fact, at times, I get a little jealous that I'm not able to produce such high end videos. but I don't think it's a must.

I would love to see more drag tracks come to the scence, but if that will happen or not, only time will tell. But for now, myself and the handful of other drag tracks will keep it going.

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DXPRacing 5/24/21

My track is up and running.  Hope to get some good racing going here before too long.  Currently working on my filming.  

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SpyDude 10/2/21

As long as there are tracks up, both drags and road courses, I'm in.  (I still have to get something built up fast enough to blow the doors off Ca$hMoneyHim$elf! :p)

Looks like an old thread. ... 

I have 3 tracks that are Drag racing. 2 are open track and 1 is guided. On the left is the orange guided track.  Middle is the Dino Run.  Right is the Pheonix Hills. The two open tracks require cars to hold a straight line with out help.  Stay off the wall. 

Look up the Grand Opening Celebration thread.  I have been updating it with DINO RUN upgrade photos.

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dr_dodge 4/28/23

Drag Racing Is alive in Houston tonight.

racing starts at 7:00 pm

See ya there!!

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Wish we had the time and energy to race again. I had fun racing whether that be drag racing or the open road. I am hoping we can build an easy setup and teardown track for the summer and post our first video in what 3, 4 years? If we do it'll be a small 16-32 car tournament with anything I have laying around unopened. Just something to get our feet wet again. Drag racing is by far my favorite, don't get me wrong I love what 3DBM & company are doing but drag racing is the roots of our gr8 sport.

I find my self as a former street racer and raced on the drag strip and one  road race under my belt on motorcycle which ended in an accident ???? and the best road race off the license road course was rally racing on the highways ???? i find this different for me and sort of a fill in from when I did race. In real racing   it takes money and seeking out sponsors to help finance the racing teams and projects. I even had experience working with a racing team on the outlaw late model dirt track scene which taught me more about certain aspects of racing.

So seeing 3dbotmaker caught my eye as well as other channels and hearing names like Crazy Canuck, Feral Patrick, Crazy Jimmie, Uncle Elvis, Poppa Pugsly and a host of others. Its motivated me to thro my hat in the ring of racing.  This i know most racing teams do not start out as winners because they don't have the experience nor the hired guns that can produce a winning car off the bat on average.    Well i know i have to get some experience under my belt to produce winning cars but taking the time to fill as many races i can can be arduous.  As I know Redline mentioning racers dropping off because of not winning,  well I understand that chemistry and one must not fret nor get disappointed then lose the desire or excitement of competition which also speaks of the must win or quit n go home  mentality of some whome were never taught the aspects of competing and just give up for losing a few races.  

I used to bet Win Place or Show. Just in HW cars I've spent a few k's but that gives me an array of cars to work with to race.  I look at cars that are consistent winners ???? then study ones I haven't seen on the track racing to see how that can work. I understand how and why some quit . On building a track,, with me running a family business I at this time cannot see myself being able to get that involved in hosting races. 

I do have plans to build 2 drag strips side by side in my garage a 1/8 mile track with a 1/4 mile track from the 6 lane Hot Wheels race set  using the outer 2 lanes leaving the middle 2 lanes as scenery or space to fill in. My other desire is to build a large road racing course which will take some planning to do, no easy task as id like to build something that is different from the others 


Who said drag tracks aren't cool anymore. We just need that bit of creativity to make it even more awesome B-)

Long story short, I saw a drag track made by a local group here in the Philippines, making me interested to do one myself. Their track was... normal. Just a 6 lane straight and that's it. I don't have the time to attend their meets so why not build one myself? Of course, something more awesome must be crafted.

That's the reason why I made Underground King (formerly a pink slip event but people here weren't interested in stuff like that), a drag event. Rather than setting up an outdoor track, I plan to create a semi permanent one indoors. Now, with my experience on creating a diorama before, hopefully it turns out great.

I have post here in Redline Derby under tournaments for the details of my upcoming mail-in event. I hope I could see your builds be the first ones to race over the track! :D

My old posts are getting a lot of run. Pretty much everything I said came true. 

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Phil_NWA1 9/6/23

Hot Wheels drag racing is a quick and easy way into racing especially for those of us with limited space and a small window to set up and take down. I find it relaxing to set some track up and run some cars.

I enjoy the drag tracks on YouTube, DXP Racing is tempting me to invest in a set of scales and do some weight categories. Mr Mom's Racing is fun and I love the sound effects and different camera angles, Ghost Jerker and many others.

3Dbotmaker and Chaos Canyon have a unique look and their entertaining story telling is great but open track is a real project for the basic home track builder like me, who knows maybe one day.

I appreciate all that the YouTubers do and feel fortunate to be around for all the variety. For me though the straight forward race down a drag strip to determine the fastest car is pure racing.

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FredD 9/6/23

So as a complete noob... why I picked this up is because I saw a few KoTM races. As a kid in the '60's, my neighbors and I would build super long tracks down their driveway for racing. Our driveway was not nicely paved like theirs. We would run hot wheels cars all day long... no mods, no changes, just bust out a new one and gooooo! It was fun, sorta, for a while. After that we made plastic models and ran them... after a while it got old... 

We ran slot cars on drag tracks too... super long runs. It got old... but the circuit tracks never did. We would reconfigure them routinely and run for hours.

What was missing was the bumping and grinding of close together racing.

As a kid we had a local track in Oswego... we went from time to time and enjoyed it. Modifieds and Super modifieds were the cars we watched and would build from plastic kits we would modify. As an adult, I would watch NASCAR. I liked the car styles and the somewhat unpredictable results. This part, to me, is what makes it fun. A drag is a drag, but it cannot compete with coming out of the turn on the final lap pile up and the guy in 5th squeeks through! For me, that is the element that the circuit tracks bring that is missing in straight line racing.

I enjoy the buiding and tinkering. That appeals to me. Hopefully that translates to a long term hobby. At some point I need a track... no room for a drag race, but a circuit track? Yeah... I can find some room for that.


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