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Hot Wheels Day at Target

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Collectors in my area need jobs and they didnt do a raffle. My mom loves to build tracks with me and they couldnt figure out how to build it even with the instructions so mom built it in .5 the time it took them to get the box open without the instructions. 

Here's ma loot:

  • Good haul. Guy in front of my in line got the red Countach, I was bummed. — redlinederby
  • RLD might have an extra if you want it — Mopar_Mafia

Try finding my redline hemi

  • Top row, 3 red from the left, green with black hood scoop and roof stripe. — Dadvball
  • What is the black car, bottom row, 1st on the left. I'm using an iPad so the pics not to big. Looks like the '68 Mach I — Dadvball
  • I'm also liking the green 32 Ford, and is that a pink Ford GT with white stripes in the bottom row? — Dadvball
  • Look at the 32 Ford Coupe very carefully. Then look at the picture on the card. Blown Hemi — Mopar_Mafia
  • White Challenger - Hemi — Mopar_Mafia

Red ford gt

Correct with the redline

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