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How to remove chrome, products and video

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Milton-Fox 3/3/14

...The vinegar is still soaking, but not a flake is missing or will rub off...

After 48 hours about 95% of the chrome had come off in the vinegar bath. The part remaining still wouldnt rub off though.

Think I am going to stick with 409 as the best indoor product for removing chrome for now. It is relatively fast and cleans up with warm water and soap easily.

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Stroller 3/3/14

Just paint the chrome white with plastic model paint. Like many race cars were doing when chroming was too costly...I did it on some rims when I was just a teenager, yes back when dinosaurs roamed the earth....

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Milton-Fox 3/23/14

Finally found the product used in the video! Two for one at O Realys auto house. We then went out to the new big Wally World and they had gallon jugs of it in the automotive section for just a buck more.

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Milton-Fox 5/1/14

I have been using the Super Clean exclusively for over a month now.

The chrome starts coming off within a few minutes and is mostly gone in 10.  The rest will easily wipe off or wash off with water.  I have also let it sit over night and there was no degradation of the plastic or any detail loss.

The liquid darkens over time, but continues to work effectively.

I am using a Rx pill bottle that will hold an entire chassis piece as my soaking container.

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