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King of the Hill 2

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I would like in with 2

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AbbyNormal 7/2/24

I am new to all this racing and rules and I'm confused as this is a race for specific models in stock condition ----- why is a max weight listed? Isn't a max weight listed for modified cars? 

  • My first race too. I plan to crack open a new mainline, give her a bunch of tlc and send it. — alva1370
  • I guess the trick is not to prep a slow car. ??????? — alva1370
  • Any casting as long as it's 59.99g or under. No mods other than dry lube. — SteelCityMafia895
  • Sorry I had this race confused with another race — AbbyNormal
  • It's all good bro — SteelCityMafia895
  • Works for me, thanks guys. — alva1370

I want in for 2

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DuderTudor 7/9/24

I'd like to give it a shot, it'll be my first race! Do you have space for 1?

We would LUV to send in a car if there is still room.

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Mad_Mike 7/16/24

Still excepting entries? I'd like in for 2 please.

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