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Life In The Free Lane 16 Car Event (Now Full)

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These are all the cars I have recieved for the upcoming race, with a week left. 

  • I will be there. But I tend to be late. — Numbskull

Hi fellow racers. I have two racers who have not been able to get their cars sent in, but plan on sending them in shortly.  My question to those participating is, is everyone ok with late entries?  I do not mind because I understand how we all get busy. I am leaving it up to the participants of the event to decide.


  • My opinion probably won't be the most popular but there generally is a time limit....if you can't get your car out of the staging line and up to the starting line in an allowable time forfeit the race. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I was thinking that, so all opinions are important to me. — Freedom_DieCast_DragRacing

Hi Racers,

I have a problem with three of the cars. The Masarati, the 280ZX and the Mercedes AMG. These cars fail to register a time on my SlanMan system. I can count them, they will be run seperately from the rest of the cars since it keeps the second lane from registering the run also. I have reached out to Erik for suggestions. 


I have been working with Erik and he told me the start gate levers need to be back up before the timer will register an ET. I added a short track piece to each lane to compensate for that. And yes, the clay one cars are FAST!

  • Slanman needs an operators manual with his timers. Steel City Mafia has had issues that could've been a non-issue if a manual was with the product. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I did too. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing

I will be running the rest of the race with the new track length with the 4 fastest cars that were reading, and the three that were not. I had to make this change so the race could be run and get ET's for all of the cars. 


Round 1 is in the books and has been uploaded to YouTube. It can only be viewed from the link because I have not made the video live to the youtube community as of yet.

  • CAN'T WAIT for round 2!!! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Sweetness !! Glad you got it figured out so i can compare our track time. Excited for the next round with the rest of the cars — Clay_One31_Diecast_Racing
  • Awesome. I'm glad I decided to check here. Wasn't seeing anything on Youtube and was in some serious suspense. Especially since this is my first mail-in race ever! Can't wait to see round 2. A little Wisconsin on Wisconsin crime with me vs Dutch — Zamak_Speed_Shop

Me too. I was dissapointed that it was not working as expected for the FAST cars. Round 2 has been run I just need to get the video edited and posted. Thats the hard part. 


  • I guess you're saying the 3 cars that wouldn't register a time are the fastest cars there? — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • None of my cars are as fast as these and I had no way of knowing this would happen. Those three are too fast because they beat the gate closing. — Freedom_DieCast_DragRacing
  • That's crazy! Hoping to see how my Torino and yellow Mustang fare against them. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing

FYI - for your inside Lane. The wood that to have holding the track in place - some cars have side mirrors that will hit and rub that wood, because it extends above the height of the hot wheels track. Yard sticks work great or anything thats 1/4" high.

Clay One31

So this event was a little bumpy with the whole timing system issue that is now worked out. I added a couple of runs in an another video between the Dutch_ClutcH_Racing cars and the Merces from Chase Family Racing. I will post the video after its done so everyone can see the racing. The next event I host will go smoother.


  • You're doing fine. Working out the bugs. I haven't tackled hosting a race yet so paying close attention to how you resolve issues. Thanks! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing

Round 2 of racing.

  • When's round 3! Woo! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Good races @Dutch_Clutch_Racing. Now I have some data to work with! As Arnold says.....I"lll Be BACK :)! — Zamak_Speed_Shop
  • Other than choosing to send the casting and applying dry lube....they are stock so no real skill demonstrated by me. I just want to know what 131 and Chase are lubing with. Those 3 cars were significantly faster! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • @Zamak_Speed_Shop - pleasure to run with you on the track. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing

Added round to correct previous timing Issues. Dutch Clutch VS Chase Family Racing.

Semi and Final Rounds. Enjoy. I had a lot of fun putting on this race and I look forward to holding future races. Please let me know how I did and suggestions for improvement.

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