LifeLine Tournament! (Fantasy)

WorpeX Sunday, 3/24/2019

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With the new track set-up, its time to start a new and exciting event! The "LifeLine" event will span 8 weeks with a massive 128 car - double elimination - bracket. Each week will have a video so everyone can catch the action! So, whats the catch?

This event is inspired some old game shows. Each participant will have 3 LifeLines to utilize during the event but each may only be used once! Here are the LifeLines...

  • Rebuild Car: One of your cars get eliminated? Thats okay, give it one more chance with this LifeLine!
  • FTE Upgrade: Your car is fast, but is it fast enough to beat your opponent this week? Hmm.. maybe its better to give it an FTE Upgrade! Choose a number between 1-27 when using this and your car will be replaced with an FTE coorisponding with the number you chose for this round! Each cars number is a secret (and can only be chosen once), but you can view them here: LifeLine FTEs
  • Swap Opponent: Sometimes even an FTE isn't enough. Use this to get a new opponent and hope for an easier one!

Additional information on these cards...

LifeLines cannot be used in Round 1 and the Finals. Following Round 1 each match-up will be presented before the round begins to give you a chance to review if you'd like to use a card or not!

Tentative Schedule

4/8/19: 1. ROUND OF 128 (May be delayed if waiting for Mail-In Cars)
4/15/19: 2. ROUND OF 64 WINNERS & 64 LOSERS - 32 eliminated
4/22/19: 3. ROUND OF 32 WINNERS & 64 LOSERS - 32 eliminated
4/29/19: 4. ROUND OF 16 WINNERS & 48 LOSERS - 24 eliminated
5/6/19: 5. ROUND OF 8 WINNERS & 32 LOSERS - 16 eliminated
5/13/19: 6. ROUND OF 4 WINNERS & 20 LOSERS - 10 eliminated
5/20/19: 7. ROUND OF 2 WINNERS & 12 LOSERS - 6 eliminated
5/27/19: 8. FINALS (final 8+)

Please note that this is tentative and the race date likely wont line-up with the date the results are revealed as making videos can be time consuming! Also delays due to life may happen.

Also, with the Rebuild Car LifeLine, the car numbers may not be fully accurate.

Choose or Send Your Car


Each participant may choose or send 2 cars for the event! Multiple players per household is welcome!

If you're going the fantasy route, you may choose cars from this list on the official website, which includes images and car statistics:

Or, you can simply look at the images of all the cars: IMG 1 and IMG 2

Note: Two cars have been swapped after those pictures were taken. Gallardo and the Black 1957 Chevy have been swapped with Honda S200 and Ballistik.


If you wish to send a car, please send me a message for my address! Note that the car must be sent before 4/8/19. If the car is sent but not arrived I may delay the start of the event for you.

Only rule is that the car is compatible with Hotwheels Track and 3D Bot Maker starting gates/finish lines.

If you wish for your car to be returned, please include $5 and make sure the box you're sending in can survive a two way trip.


Click here to go to the RedLine Derby Track page



  1. Indy v5330 aka "Lionhart"
  2. Hammer Down


  1. Cadillac V-16
  2. Bone Shaker


  1. Way 2 Fast
  2. Turbolence aka "Shade"


  1. Chevy Silverado
  2. 69 Dodge Charger 500


  1. Chevy Monza
  2. Ferrari F40


  1. Funny Car
  2. Snake


  1. Thomassima 3
  2. Corvette SR2

Rival Squad:

  • GT Racer
  • El Ray Special
    • Losing to the Rival Squad is an immediate ejection from the tournament!
    • Defeating a Rival Squad car will also immediate remove the car from the tournament!


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WorpeX 3/24/19

I'll start things off. Just picking my favorites. Its a new track, I have no idea what will be fast here!

Fantasy for me!

I'm choosing:

Indy v5330 aka "Lionhart"


Hammer Down

Fantasy for me

Cadillac V-16 & Bone Shaker

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WorpeX 3/28/19

Hm, maybe I should have put this in as an event...

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Big_Poppy 3/28/19

Fantasy also I'd like to choose:

Way 2 Fast!   


Turbolance AKA Shade!

Thanks so much!

Big Poppy

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PeteB 3/29/19

Ooooh! I'll take a slice of the action if I may. Will have to be fantasy as not practical for me to send cars from UK.





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WorpeX 3/29/19

Nice! Man, you guys sure know how to pick 'em! Some of those cars were NUTS on the old track. Am wondering how they'll hold up in Philly! The V-16 and Way 2 Fast should be fun. I've never raced that Dodge Charger before though, hopefully it flies!

Edit: Noticed an issue with the career records on the tournament page. Woops! Sorry. Fixed it. Totally would understand if you'd like to change a car if you were going off that number when you picked.

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THUNDER 3/29/19

Fantasy choosing the Chevy Monza and Ferrari F40.

If I may, I'll go #62 Funny Car and #109 Snake Funny Car please!

Thanks for putting this on!!

Lets Race!!

  • Dagnammit! I missed the Funny Cars. They always seem to run well. — PeteB
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WorpeX 4/5/19

Doesn't look like anyone is sending any cars in, which i'm a little disappointed about, but no big deal! Fantasy only event it is!

First round will be run on Monday, hopefully i'll get the video/results up within a day of running it. Event is still open for anyone to pick some cars!

  • For me it's more the cost and time factor of sending from Canada. It would be at least a $20 CDN fee to send a car via snail mail. — HotWheelsCalgary
  • Totally understandable! I didn't give a whole lot of time either. — WorpeX
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WorpeX 4/6/19

Was messing around today with recording. Trying to get a feel for how I want things to look. I have a test race between PeteB's Silverado vs Lamborghini Urus (who no one claimed).

Since this is a test, I decided to just put the 22sec clip onto Google Drive. The real video will be on YouTube.

Suggestions appreciated on how I can make it better! There are definiately some things I wish I could change (had to shoot in 720p 30fps since my stupid laptop can't do any better) and I would like to get some daylight bulbs before monday.

Despite being a test, we'll consider the result official...

  • WINNAAAHHH!!! — PeteB
  • It actually looks pretty good to me. But what happens if a car disappears under the couch? lol — PeteB
  • Haha, well the blanket should stop them but if that happens I guess I gotta go fishing! — WorpeX
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WorpeX 4/8/19

Okay, so kind of a low player turn-out so we're gonna make things a little more interesting. I'll still allow anyone to join until round 2 starts, however, i'm going to add a twist...

There will be a team of 2 "Rival" cars. They will not use any life-lines. However, losing to one of these cars is an immediate ejection from the tournament. Likewise, if either of these cars loses once they will be eliminated!

Rival Squad:

Anyway, Match-ups for Round 1!

[DC Wheels] Monza vs Aventatador

[DC Wheels] Ferrari F40 vs Straight Pipes

[BigPoppy] Turbolence vs Carbonator

[BigPoppy] Way 2 Fast vs AMC Javelin

[PeteB] Dodge Charger 500 vs Pontiac Rageous

[PeteB] Chevy Silverado 2-0 Lamborghini Urus

[HotWheelsRacing] Bone Shaker vs Dirty Outlaw

[HotWheelsRacing] Cadillac V-16 vs Sho-Stopper

[HWCalgary] Funny Car vs Honda S200

[HWCalgary] Snake vs Chevy SSR

[WorpeX] Indy V5330 vs Twin Mill III

[WorpeX] Hammer Down vs The Gov'ner

[RIVAL] GT Racer vs Ferrari F50

[RIVAL] El Ray Special vs Deuce Roadster

Round 1 racing begins today! Hopefully will have the video and results up tomorrow!

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