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M.C.R Gauntlet 6 Track Event

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I'll take at least one

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GBURacing 2/19/24

Time to ponder, but I'm hedging towards the Velocita(s).

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Bolo_Brown 2/21/24

Hey everyone I tweaked the rules a little bit for this tournament, it could be fantasy cars or concept cars.

  • Good to know, as I was pondering the Pontiac Banshee as well — GBURacing

We'll take two if there's room.

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MWAI_Racing 3/21/24

I'd like to get I. With 2 cars

I'd like to be in for 2 please :)

Count me in for two cars, please. Thanks!

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Justin_Thyme 3/24/24

I'd like to join with two cars.

Bear with a noob here; I see the maximum dimensions listed, and then something about no widebody cars. How wide is a widebody car? Please elaborate.

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pfunkyphresh 3/26/24

Can I get in on this for 2? Thanks!

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MQHracing 3/27/24

Will send 2 cars

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WallyChamp73 3/27/24

Mr. Brown,

Is New Jersey Drive Racing too late to get in 2 entries??

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UmiRiRacing 3/28/24

What a blast. We'll give this a go with 2 cars if there is still room. Thanks! 

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