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Midnight Club at Old Yadkin Valley Speedway is full

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FeralPatrick 5/22/24

Hey, since King Jester's sending a Ford, I thought I would, too. :)

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WallyChamp73 5/22/24

Is it too late for me to enter for Muscle cars?   New Jersey Drive Racing

I'll pick up some ideas from my favorite Video Game: Midnight Club 3.

I'll be in for muscle.

  • Previous page says all spots are taken. Sorry dude. — FeralPatrick

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Spirit_Of_64 5/28/24

Kerry Mo Mintom returned from Man Child in Iowa not too long ago, so we figure we'd send him and his 'Stang right back out! 

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Sam_Haul 5/30/24

Don't know if this is what you meant by sending in a photo, but here's my "Tuner" Citation, ready to send.

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AbbyNormal 6/1/24

Just finished Code Blue and will mail in Monday- Tuesday. Here's a pic of Code Blue passing a Beemer..

  • Does a ford focus count as a muscle car? I thought it was a rally ar — Kingjester
  • Not sure a European racer is an American Muscle Car nor a Tuner — Uncle_Elvis
  • The Ford Focus is on team Tuner — AbbyNormal
  • Wait tuner, I thought tuners were only JDM cars — Kingjester
  • The race team name is "Abnormal" Speed Racing - it may be just PERFECT to enter that Focus as a tuner! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
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Uncle_Elvis 6/1/24


Headed out today  Running smooth too!

  • Beutiful Honda civic you got there chase — Kingjester

This is what Barry Kade will be driving in. It's still a WIP, but it'll give you guys an idea

Heading out tomorrow... lots of Mustangs in this race!

  • Mustang! & STRIPES!! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • The American muscle side is gonna have a lot of shenanigans with the amount of mustangs and ford on it — Kingjester
  • My Mustangs run straight!! So did Dutch's in San Francisco! But they seem to cause a lot of carnage at KOTM! Likely sabotaged by 2D haha!! — G_ForceRacing
  • 2D definitely is a Mustangs curse. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Those decals are awesome! — ManiacMotorsports
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JillMignon 6/12/24

I sent this in on Monday. Yes, another Mustang...

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