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Modified Diecast Series (MDS) FULL

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I'll use #73 and #91 if they aren't taken 

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709Racing 8/23/22

Been trying to get the email to confirm my account for a week now. Finally worked today!

If there's any room, I'd love to try my hand at this.

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RaSungod 9/4/22

I need to get my revenge!! Lol

#s 79 & 78 please.

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Old_Sarge 9/6/22

Any space left? 


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SpoolHeads 9/21/22

Hey Dude,

I love the track. Do you have any spaces left? I'll take one if you do. :)


Spool Heads Racing

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Numbskull 10/31/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  A day late and a dollar short, butshipped w/ ludicrous speed.

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Numbskull 9/20/23

Title defender.

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